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    Efrim Artelo

    Alias: n/a

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 17

    Alignment: Leans towards good, and flickers between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral.

    Class/Profession: Closest to Assassin, but not evil.

    Power Rating: 6. May vary.

    Description: Longish, unkempt, black hair and brown eyes. Shares his father's unremarkable facial features, except they're slightly more defined, and his nose is sharp. A bit small and skinny for his age. He wears a red jacket with a floral design and a high collar, a black shirt underneath it, black trousers and smart black shoes.

    Personality: Can behave fairly typically for an angsty teenager, although he's not quite as “YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!” as he used to be. He decided to rebel against his family's rich criminal heritage by attempting to become a good character, and now makes occasional efforts to be helpful to other people. His father Thierry is convinced that the ‘evil in his bloodline’ will win out, and that this is just a phase; it has, however, been a phase that's lasted several years. He's actually an open, curious and quite likable person, when he's not being a teenager.

    Equipment: Two long knives in his belt, and a reinforced titanium plate under his jacket on his right forearm that he can use to block (or hit) things.

    Abilities: Efrim is a skilled fighter with his knives, having received years of training since he was young. His main advantage in combat is his amazing speed and agility, combined with extremely quick reflexes. He is also capable of fighting with some skill with large or small swords, throwing stars or knives and with his bare hands. He is passable with guns, although he doesn't carry any. He inherited several abilities from his Artelo blood. He is able to burst into a cloud of smoke once a day and once a night, similarly to his father; he can hold off the effects of gravity for 4-5 seconds at a time, though it takes effort and concentration; sometimes disappears when in shadow (although this ability is inconsistent, and has a habit of failing quite often); and an immunity to some less potent poisons and potions.

    Backstory: Efrim is the son of Thierry. At age 7, he was the only survivor of a huge explosion that destroyed almost a whole wing of the Artelos’ mansion, which many suspected to be an assassination attempt gone wrong. In a rare moment of lucidity, Thierry realised that his son would be a target for assassins too, and that he should be able to protect himself. To this end, he had Efrim trained in several combat disciplines from then on – and he turned out to be an extremely talented fighter. However, he refuses to use his talents for anything he considers ‘evil’. Was transported to Nexus with Thierry moments before he was about to be killed.

    Miscellaneous: n/a
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