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    Pico Kurazume
    Alias: Pretty much every insult word in several languages, for starters.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human...for now.
    Age: 37, looks 25 or so.
    Alignment: Pretty solidly Chaotic Evil.
    Profession: Crimelord, Bad***, Seeker.
    Power Rating: C-C+...for now.

    Pale and slightly lithe. About 6' tall. Younger looking than he should be. Black, medium length hair in a wild, wind-tossed manner that keeps out of his face. Straight but untrimmed sideburns reaching a bit past his earlobes. Shocking light blue eyes. Somewhat bent posture. Generally looks like he doesn't give a crap at any given time.

    He does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, how he wants, and up yours if you donít like it sums him up pretty well. He is pretty much an ***hole to almost everybody, that is when he feels like being one. It takes a bit to earn his respect. His attitudes and actions are often mercurial.

    Right now, a veritable armory of various weapons. Think the endgame of games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row 2. All of which is stored in hammerspace. He also has a bullet-proof vest.

    A fancy, expensive, revved up sports car to be defined later. Pretty much going to be completely loaded with cash somehow.

    Well, murdering crap for one...

    Seems to have the uncanny ability to start up (and operate efficiently) any vehicle he enters, gets on, or otherwise prepares to drive, no matter the situation. He could walk up to a completely dormant helicopter, get in, and start it up and fly away like nothing's up. Also, the vehicles never seem to run out of gas.

    Pico is in peak physical condition, with some extra perks. He seems to be able to survive some rather ridiculous circumstances, such as calmly walking away from an explosion, and surviving dropping from the top of a building by tucking and rolling when reaching the floor.

    Basically, think of any GTA game ever, and you have a pretty good idea of what he's capable of.

    Came from a family said to have been descended from a fallen angel. Ironically, this family was a bit of a crime family. Long story short, Pico climbed his way up the crime ladder until he sat highest on the hog, claiming entire cities by himself.

    Eventually, he got tired of just being a crimelord of crimelords, and started searching for something...else. He heard rumors of things simply called Objects, artifacts of great power that can only be acquired through harrowing, maddening trials. He started searching for them when one day, he had a strange dream of another world. So, he suited up the best he could (which is pretty well), got into a sports car loaded up with cash and drove into a building as fast as he could. Just before he hit the building, however, a portal in the shape of jaws opened up, swallowing Pico along with the car, and taking him to the Nexus.

    Misc.: Ideally, he'll change rather dramatically in the future. Of course, this is him before he truly becomes a Seeker.
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