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    Alias: The Main Character
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Age: 68 (13)
    Class: Chosen Warrior

    Description: He's an elf kid parody of RPGs. If you take Cloud, make him shorter, give him more muscles, make his ears pointier, make his hair crazier and twice the size of his head, and give him clothes that makes Tidus look away in embarrassment and you have Vincent.

    Personality: Operates and acts as if he's the Main Character of an RPG video game. Given his abilities and the strange way the world warps around them, he might not be wrong. However, it tends to leave him rather arrogant and hot-headed and often rubs people the wrong way.

    Equipment: He has a signature sword which is wider, taller, and heavier than he is. Yet he still manages to wield it in one hand seemingly effortlessly. Right now it's a magic platinum version that can cut through metals. Has some light Chain Mail Platinum Magic Armor which he never learned what it does other than provide better protection. He has an amulet of Fire Resistance 15%. Perhaps his most valuable piece of equipment other than his sword is a Bonewraith Skull which adds magic power damage to his attacks and a 10% chance to lower the opponents magic stat by 1. Has an inventory which carries a variety of useful items.

    Abilities: Anything you could pull off in a video game is something Vincent can likely do. Pause the game to pull up the map screen? Check. Pick something up just by walking over it? Check. Cause fights to go into a turn based battle system? Check. Fully recover from any injury by flipping the lights on and off? Check. His reality warping powers are strong, though they follow a prescribed ruleset. If it's not a video game cliche, it ain't happening.

    Backstory: His parents were killed in the apocalypse. He was put in an orphanage until a plague hit. He was rescued by Reinholdt at that point and moved to the Glass Citadel. There he survived an attack by Lex's Flaming Dobermans. Soon Reinholdt initiated his attack on Magtok. The Citadel was caught in the blast of the MagCave explosion and shattered on the ground, killing every other orphan, leaving him the last survivor. Raven found him and took him to NO. There he was named and given a text color as well as PC status.

    Miscellaneous: Caroline is his second party member and primary love interest. Darth Cuddlepie is his third party member. It is probable that there will be more in the future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent
    "Pfft. I'm the only one who gets it. You get everyone's trust, sure. Even help us out a bit. And everyone rags on me for not being nice. And then when I finally admit that maybe you aren't so bad, POW!! you betray everyone in a most horrific and painful way, perhaps being the most emotionally moving cut scene of the game as you do something awful to the world in general or a beloved character. One of you of course will cackle madly, while the other will appear to be distraught by your own actions, but feel your hands are tied. Later the latter will either die trying to redeem themselves or become a playable character to do so, while the former becomes a major boss who gets his just desserts."

    "Oh no. I'm ON to you people."
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