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    Nadas Ghuand Xar'Cha

    Alias: None.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Draegloth
    Age: 22
    Class/Profession: Scholar/Wizard

    Description: Looks very much like a drow on the surface. He almost always wears long flowing crimson robes that cover most of his body and hides the true him underneath. His torso is in fact all red and very much demonic looking, with two small stubs poking out of his back where wings would go. His black eyes have a small tint of red in them, though the itty bitty spectacles he wears generally distracts from that point he's found. He normally has purple hair, but has since dyed it black.

    Personality: Bombastic with his speech, he really does try to get along with others, though is a bit of a natural recluse. Has an almost fanatical obsession with books and research. He's not afraid to get his hands dirty when someone needs his help, though how much help he can offer is generally questionable at best.

    Equipment: Books. Books. And then some more books. Has a few magical reagents he uses for spells too.

    Abilities: Generally a weak powered wizard. However, he can tap into his demonic blood to pull off some incredible feats of casting. Generally this results in him looking more demonic though, generally making him more red, his eyes glowy, and wings to grow. While the effects largely subside over time, a little piece remains permanent each time, slowly transforming him to a full-fledged demon. He fears it may even effect his personality given enough opportunity, if it has not already. As such, he is incredibly loathe to use these abilities unless it seems absolutely necessary. He studies magic primarily in hopes that he can learn enough tap magic like a normal wizard does so that he never has to rely on his demon blood, though his training in such area is far from complete.

    Backstory: After the unholy union of Raril and Calublufiok/Irene, Twins were born. Far from identical, Nadas was hidden away until after Calublufiok's apparent destruction at which point he was given to Raril along with Ilpholin. Raril transferred them to Matron Danube to protect them from the Nexus' vengeance and Nadas has since grown up in Menzoberranzan. The place never particularly suited his disposition, so using leverage he found over Ilpholin, he managed to escape and has since arrived at GLoG.

    Miscellaneous: Has a minor crush on Charity, but one would be hard pressed to get him to reveal it, especially since she's with Edijar. Son of Raril and Calublufiok.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nadas
    "Oh pardon my ill mannerisms. I am Nadas Ghuand. To whom do I have the pleasure of articulating my vocabulary?"

    Ilpholin Ghuanaer Xar'Cha

    Alias: None.
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Nymph with very small traces of draegloth
    Age: 22
    Class/Profession: Fighter

    Description: A tremendously beautiful and sexualized nymph, the only indication of anything but fey in her background is her purple hair. She wears a rather tight catsuit that reveals too much, while somewhat resembling leather armor. Always has a whip strapped to her back when not in use. Has numerous scars all over her body from the years spent underground with the Drow, but she goes to great lengths every day to cover them up with make-up. Is particularly fond of ballet and ballroom dancing.

    Personality: A mercurial and sadistic woman, she yearns for acceptance, yet almost inevitably drives it away with her personality and cruelty. She's not afraid to use sex to get what she wants, though loathes herself for it. Has been fairly well indoctrinated to the Drow school of thought up to and including looking down on men in general. Will very much beat anyone senseless who dares claim she's not Drow. A conniving woman who often defeats her own plans by being childish, she's a great deal more clever than she acts, when emotions don't get the best of her.

    Equipment: A whip which holds a variety of useful abilities, including poison, retracting blade blender, and electricity similar to that guy in Iron Man 2.

    Abilities: Has a fair number of nymph related powers, including pheromones, blinding beauty, and love related magic. She's trained herself practically non-stop in addition to the training she received, so as to survive. As a result, she's an incredibly agile and strong fighter, capable of taking down many an opponent, something she's tried to use to gain respect in the Drow ranks.

    Yeah. Not a nymph anymore. Rather a full on drow turned full on pure demon. This means-

    • Taller. 5' 8".
    • Dark skin.
    • Stepping into shadows makes her literally invisible.
    • No nymph abilities at all including pheromones, blinding beauty, healing animals, etc. Effects already there do not change.
    • She has a tail that is particularly sensitive. It's prehensile and has a spade like tip at the end, exactly like those of demons and devils.
    • She has horns that curl like a ram's horns, though are quite a bit smaller and purely aesthetic.
    • Her eyes are now red and quite hypnotic, enticing the viewer to love and adore her.
    • Her skin 'sweats' Liquid Bliss. It is a substance that when absorbed through the skin, creates a feeling of great pleasure in the subject. Not nearly as potent as the infamous Liquid Agony, but overdosing over long periods of time behind the curtain is still possible. It can be addicting.
    • She can change her mouth into that more like a spider's at a moment's notice, making herself capable of biting a victim and infecting them with demonic essence, turning them into Ilpholinites.

    Higher demons, just below the pure demon that Ilpholin is. They frequently take on one or two of her aspects, but their own mutation is still unique and follows the cuthun demon rules. They tend to be more loyal to her, though this depends on individual situations (being pounced upon and bitten against one's will usually does not encourage loyalty, unlike being infected during willing curtains).

    Backstory: After the unholy union of Raril and Calublufiok/Irene, Twins were born. Far from identical, Ilpholin was hidden away until after Calublufiok's apparent destruction at which point he was given to Raril along with Ilpholin. Raril transferred them to Matron Danube to protect them from the Nexus' vengeance and Ilpholin has since grown up in Menzoberranzan. The place was far harsher to Ilpholin than it was Nadas due to her fair skin, and she had to fight for her life almost everyday. She remained loyal to Danube, though only so long as it furthered her own dreams of power and acceptance.

    Miscellaneous: Daughter of Raril and Calublufiok. Loves KR in an obsessed stalker sort of way. Has a pet spider named Mister Squiggles which is her best friend.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ilpholin
    "YES HE WILL LOVE ME! If he doesn't... I'll... I'll... I'll beat the crap out of him until he does!"
    Mister Squiggles

    Alias: None.
    Gender: Male?
    Race/Species: Giant Dire Tarantula
    Age: ?
    Class/Profession: GIANT FREAKIN' SPIDER

    Description: It's a giant spider.

    Personality: Loyal entirely to Ilpholin. It's her best friend and never makes fun of her. Plus it's a giant spider.

    Equipment: It doesn't need anything. It's a giant spider.

    Abilities: Poison fangs, the ability to climb on walls, and can shoot webs. Cause it's a giant spider.

    Backstory: Terrorized a Drow outpost until a nymph came by and tamed it. Now serves as a mount and animal companion to Ilpholin. As a giant spider.

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