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    Default Re: New divine spell, needs balancing

    Thanks for the input! I edited it to a 40 ft. radius, to match prayer. Note that this also allows the area of effect to be centered somewhere other than on the caster. I don't think that the increased range justifies an increase in level...

    On the other hand, 500 gp seems rather high for a 4th level spell lasting 1 battle. It should be usable by a level 7 cleric, who gains 650 gp per encounter on average. I am considering reducing the price to something lower...though I am not sure how much lower would be appropriate.
    Then again, crushing despair gives only a -2 penalty AND gives no bonuses AND affects a smaller either the material cost should be relatively high for a level 4 spell, or it should be a higher level than 4th.
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