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    LoVoltage, AKA: Emmanuel Freemont

    Alias: LoVoltage. No one calls him by his given name, and no one but his mother knows it.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Cyber enhanced human
    Age: 26
    Alignment: CN
    Class/Profession: 'merchant' and amateur net runner.
    Power Rating: 3/C Rank
    Description: Ginger. Pure and simple. He's rather brawny though. Not extremely bulky, but a well defined musculature. He has short, extremely curly ginger hair and many freckles.

    His is usually seen in combat armor.
    Equipment: Crumpled pack of Yeheyuan filters
    P90 Tactical SMG (Full clip of armor piercing rounds) with under barrel grenade launcher (empty)
    • 1 spare clip

    9mm 12 round pistol
    • 3 spare clips

    Medium Combat Vest (has taken minor damage, shows signs of wear)

    The armor is matte black roughened to absorb as much light as possible. It covers his entire body, though there are clearly spaces between the pads and protective surfaces on his legs and arms. The chest piece is the heaviest section, bearing a resemblance in appearance to SWAT vests, though in construction to Halo Spartan armor. The carbon nanotuble weaving is durable and stops slashing weapons quickly, the gel layer beneath dissipates blunt force over his entire front and to a lesser extent to his back.
    Face mask with breath filter (Usually retracted to show his face and preserve the filters. For imagery purposes: It covers the whole head, but retracts the face concealing portion via a seam right down the middle, each part drifting down slightly and out. )

    Backstory: He spent several years trying to drum up enough cred to run with the big boys, but the hype never really took. Instead, he cut his losses and made his way as a middle rung enforcer and a small time dealer. Honest work. Relatively. He dealt mostly in things that shouldn't be illegal in his mind. Software, synthetic tissues produced without permits. That sort of thing. Occasionally counterfeit hardware, but that was rare. Most people who wanted high end hardware could either tell an inferior product, or didn't care where it came from.
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