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    • Reinholdt Prime - Corrupt cat. Destroyer of Worlds.

    • Reinholdt Clone - Remorse filled cat. Destroyer of Worlds.

    • Fez Hat Reinholdt - Happy version of Reinholdt. Thanksmas present.

    • Vincent - Elf prepubescent. RPG Main Protagonist.

    • Nadas - Draegloth child of Calublufiok and Raril Xar'Cha. Ilpholin's twin. Bookworm.

    • Ilpholin & Mister Squiggles - Nymph child of Calublufiok and Raril Xar'Cha and her pet spider. Nadas' twin. Somewhat of a Sadist.

    • The Admiral - Easygoing, if evil bardic Lich. Hedonistic.

    • Mister Buttons/Reinholdt A.U. - What occurs when Werewolf games blend with FFRP. Sabretooth Tiger who thinks he's a housecat.

    • Sasha - Comrade Omega's daughter and first test subject. A shadow being.

    • Comrade Omega - A scientist with a penchant for experimenting unethically.

    • Saul - A priest of Terenti.

    • Butler B. Butler - Catboy butler.

    • Irene - Butler's catgirl sister turned nymph, her body and mind were used as a vessel by Calublufiok before he rended her soul apart. Became a ghost. Stopped being a ghost.

    • Stu - A brooklyn accented, lecherous talking rose who wanted nothing more than women, women, and maybe some more women.

    • Calublufiok - Sadistic lich responsible for much destruction and world ending. Turned into a difficult to destroy mist, and goes about corrupting fools.

    • DOCTOR DECIBEL - Superhero with sonic powers.

    • HALlelujah - Evil AI counterpart to Mainframe that works for AMEN.

    • Mecha-Rein - A copy of Fez-Hat Rein. Pet to Kate.

    • Winston Homunculus Reinholdt - A normal, specializing in computers. An homunculus designed to trick Magtok out of his cloning schematics.

    • Margret - Magtok's Mechanical Child

    • Reinholdt the Meek - Reinholdt Prime's simulacrum. Has exaggerated personality traits. Died creating a time loop.

    • Hulga Brightwaters - Bright-eyed, yet naive paladin whose soul was eaten by a grue incubus.

    • Squeaky Shoes Man - Deranged oddities dealer whose wife and daughter were killed in a most unseemly fashion. Minion of Calublufiok's.

    • 66666 - A catgirl ninja hired by Magtok.

    • Aidan A. Phaest - A secretary catboy for LaRoth.

    • Mean Drone Series - Calublufiok's spies in GLoG.

    • See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil - Minions to Doctor Stroffelnburg.

    • Anya Tzepesci - An old crone and former leader of a local assassin's guild. Once working for the Comrades, she has gone AWOL in her obsession over the Objects. She has been banished to Hell with her Objects and is effectively dead.

    • Paul the Walrus - An Eldritch being of some sort who was in charge of the Stroffelnburg nullification project until NO beat him and left him half all dead.

    • Doctor Stroffelnburg - A doctor with the ability to nullify someone completely. Responsible for Tom. His legs were crippled when Magtok and Warwick attacked his hospital.

    • Boris Sokolov - Leader of the Men In Noir. Half-mad quite literally.

    • Endo - Stitched man. Has the power to copy others' powers.

    • The Comrades - A group of people with an unknown goal. Currently funding SAINT and Doctor Stroffelnburg's Psychiatric Hospital. Consists of X, Y, Z, Alpha, and Omega.

    • Adam - Catboy prime and head of Felina.

    • Prissy - Bubblegum blowing, i-pod teenager who temporarily held a job, but lost it quickly.

    • Missus Fuzzlewumpkins - Happy animal from one of those kid shows, it now spends its days alone in HATS armory.

    • Dire Weasel - Living it up on the Yellow Road.

    • Bunnicula - A vampire with bunny ears and a tail and wears bunny pajamas and eats blood and carrots alike.

    • Annie - Caroline's guidance fairy. Hey! Listen!

    • Baby Green Dragon - A wanna be terror of the skies.
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