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    Pronounced "Ehm"

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Murimus, depowered descendent of Musteval ancestors, largely resembling halfling-sized bipedal talking mice.
    Age: 34 (Human Equivalent: 34, Acts like: 12 Average life expectancy: Unknown)
    Alignment:Chaotic Coward...Er... Cowardly Good...Goodly Afraid.
    Class/Profession: M collects, creates, and distrubutes magical toys and candies. In effect, an artificer who isn't a big fan of fighting.
    Power Rating: M is knowledgeable in a range of alchemical and mechamagical fields, but lacks any power himself beyond what is necessary for or granted by his creations. Civilian with Adventurous tendencies? 3 or 4ish.
    Description: M stands about 3 feet high and is a bit plump from years of tasting his own candies. He has stark white fur with black eyes and a pink nose/inner ears. He is missing a small bit from the top of his right ear, a scar from an unfortunate incident in Trogg's long ago. (See also Avatar Image. Any changes to M's appearence will show up there.)
    Equipment: Toys toys toys. M carries with him a wide variety of practical and silly magical items from small toy soldiers that will fight each other, to a confetti bomb designed as a distraction/conversation starter.

    He also regularly carries many bags of candy which can have a wide variety of effects ranging from healing to hallucinogenic, if you can make a potion for it, he can make a candy of it. Except invisiblity. He has been working on invisibility candy for quite some time, but finds it renders him invisible but not his clothing and gear. If you are ever in a room with an invisible M either congratulate him on solving the puzzle, or worry that he may be naked.

    His most powerful magical item is his always-present red cloak. Unlike the rest of his wardrobe it is a bit old looking and dulled, but it conceals a powerful spell. The whole of the cloak is a portable gateway to a small pocket dimension of M's own design (With the spells provided by a very gracious and powerful sorcerer some time ago). He uses it to carry his wares and trinkets, as well as a way to get out of a bad situation.

    Abilities: M is a craftsman. He has very few magical abilities, having merely picked up a cantrip here and there in his travels. He fails to exceed at magic because he studies it like a science, and not like an art, thus his perception of it is often limited. His toys and magical items, however, are works of art, meticulously crafted by loving hands.

    Backstory: Raised on a simple farm, M was the 13th child of 26th, born in the 4th of 8 litters. Not happy with being an amazingly middle child, and not satisfied with farm life, he ran away from home at a young age. Run away may be the wrong term. He had a very overactive imagination that lead him to stray far far from home, and one day simply forgot to return. In a big city not far from home he discovered a wonder he had never known on the farm: toys and candy! When you have 26 children you can't really afford those luxuries. M apprenticed himself to a kindly old toyman and learned everything he could. He would eventually earn his small fortune with his outlandish creations born of his flighty imagination and returned home to share it with his lost family. Some time in his late twenties he acquired a strange map that spoke of a long lost toy factory that once churned out toys and candy of a legendary nature. He ventured out to try and find it, and eventually stumbled across The Town in the Nexus, which he decided to use as his base of operations to find his factory.

    Miscellaneous: I used M as my avatar in The Town back when it was The Town and there were llamas and avatars of death running around being silly. His profile seems to have been lost to time, so I have reposted him from memory.
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