Xel'Kath The Archon
Race: Chrysslid
Age: 751,297 years
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Power Level: 6
Description: It's body is shaped like an arrowhead, with a hood-like indent at the top where three yellow-orange eyes glow in a triangle formation, and under that is a lobster-like mouth. Its body is covered in black chitian, it lacks any limbs whatsoever, instead using magic to float and manipulate the physical world. Its most prominent feature are hundreds of crystals on its back, some large, others small, which absorb and store magical energy.
Abilities: It uses magic absorbed and stored in its back crystals for a variety of purposes. Most of the time the power is used for enviornmental manipulation, however it can channel the power to do anything from energy blasts, to shields, to even summon magic.
Hails from the planet Chrysslid, a rogue world so magically unstable it tore itself into the ethereal plane, and usually tears a new hole back into the material should there be a planet with large magical energy in the same planar area. It is an Archon, descended from the race that first inhabited Chrysslid. If an Archon has appeared on a world, then that means that Chrysslid will eventually emerge near that world; its job is to harvest enough magical energy so that Chrysslid can be sent back to the ethereal plane. Generally is ethically flexible, doing anything to ensure enough is collected, but it is all for good reason, for if Chrysslid remains near a world for an extended period, that world will be affected and become less and less stable before becoming twisted much like Chrysslid (it's happened several times before).
Xel'Kath is a much gentler Archon than some of its fellows, for example, trying to ensure a magically tuned subject lives after the proccess of extraction; or ensuring that the undesirables of society are used when convesion into hybrids for defense and harvesting.