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    The Admiral

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human Lich
    Age: ?
    Class/Profession: Admiral/Bard

    Description: A lich who is often seen in his purple Admiral hat and clothes. Is never without a cigar in his mouth.

    Personality: Pretty laid back once you get to know him, but he's pretty rough when it comes to anyone under his wing. A hedonist at heart, he doesn't much care about anyone else, though likes to keep an eye on the ladies.

    Equipment: Used to have a negative energy flaming sword that boosted his bardic abilities. As of right now he just seems to have an unlimited supply of cigars.

    Abilities: Strong melee combatant with various spells. Is a pretty decent bard too.

    Backstory: Unknown as of now.

    Miscellaneous: Led the catpeople army against GLoG and Inside for Calublufiok. Successfully destroyed GLoG.

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