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    gunther the troll

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Troll. Not a DnD Troll though

    Age: Doesn't remember

    Alignment: Chaotic Stoooopid

    Class/Profession: Troll

    Power Rating: C - B

    Description: Gunther is big. At a stretch, by crouching and sucking his belly in, he can fit through an ordinary door Logically, he can't be more than 9 feet tall - however, he seems ... bigger somehow. He fills space in a room, and makes the others in it feel cramped. His skin is grey and looks rough and craggy, with patches of course hair like moss. His head hair is long, scraggly, and an organic green brown. It may or may not have things living in it. His eyes are black, and he has a jutting chin with long, thick jutting fangs of a yellowy brown colour. He has big, handlebar horns of the same colour. His nose is large and flat, like something punched it very hard. He has disproportionally large fists and feet. He wears a faded pair of patchwork trousers.

    Equipment: a sack, with 'foods an stuff' in.

    Abilities: So very very strong. Seriously. Very strong. His punches could shake mountains. He can regenerate anything, although fire gives him a bit of trouble. Drinking troll blood temporarily conveys this ability to the drinker. When sitting or standing still outside, he somehow blends in. People have ended up standing on his head looking around for him. This is a bad idea, as he can and will consume anything with no adverse effects. Literally anything. Rotten meat. Poison. Grenades. Uranium. He is lethargic in the sun.

    Backstory: W.I.P.

    Miscellaneous: Strong and basically unkillable, but stupid and slow. talks like dis in big letters wiv no caps and little fiddly punkt ... punter ... dots and stuff
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