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    Lady Legion

    Alias(s): She Who Seeks for Power, Mary Nessebeth.

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Seeker/Holder

    Age: Young. Definitely not experienced enough to be older than her mid twenties.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Perhaps slowly waning towards Good. But that might not last long.

    Class/Profession: Battlemage/New Demigod

    Power Level: C - B and rising.

    Description: The Objects have shaped her body. Lady Legion is a tall, beautiful young woman, easily six-foot-four in height when out of her armor. There's a magical, artificial quality to her looks. Her physical size increases upon donning Guidance, an Object and set of armor. This leather armor resembles that of the ancient Greeks or Romans, but with metal padding added to cover weak spots. Yet she still retains a surprising amount of mobility. It is a plain set of armor, marked in plated spots by alien runes.

    She seems almost radiant with power. Her skin perhaps literally glows, granting the Lady an unearthly countenance.

    She is of soft, angular features, her face perfectly symmetrical and fine-tuned. Her voice is like... something you would find pretty, I suppose. It tunes itself to your liking. Her body is all graceful, swollen curve and faked beauty, though impressive beauty nonetheless. Her eyes are a heavenly blue, her hair a dazzling gold-white.

    In the center of her chest, somehow melding with whatever clothing she decides to wear, is a large diamond. Geometrically flawless, the reflective item qualifies her body as Object 2538.

    In addition to that Object, she now possesses Number 4, Nothing. It's a winding, oddly-shaped tattoo that curls around her chest, up her neck, and onto her face. Strange geometrical formations are intermingled with ink shifting images of the Objects she already holds. Curved, jagged marks climb her cheeks, join at her nose, and then split on her forehead again.

    Personality: She is a haughty child wielding a sword far too large for her. Though she strikes with a fair bit of power, she uses this weapon like a cudgel more than the fine thing it could be.

    This weapon is the Objects. A thousand of Them. Very few of which she has come to access as of yet. Despite her relatively minor tapping of Their power, what she has accessed is easily enough to get the average person drunk. And so she is. She is a triumphant, self-assured young lass, hungry for further strength. A lust for the Objects burns in her mind.

    She is an outright pessimist, albeit a somewhat happy one. If something can go wrong, she believes it will. But she gets along pretty comfortably anyway. While she's rarely mean, the Lady can be outright cruel when rubbed the wrong way.

    Lady Legion loses focus quickly in anything but the Objects. She doesn't care much for abstract or philosophical thinking, preferring to plant herself firmly in the material world. She is quick to judge, almost insulting to a degree. Despite this, she is rarely introspective or judging of herself.

    Equipment: Objects galore. As they come together, they tend to give off power, a power which their user gradually absorbs. Sometimes, they grant other abilities as well.

    Thankfully for the multiverse, she doesn't understand most of her stolen Objects yet. She likes to pretend she does.


    General superhuman or peak human condition. Other random Object abilities, which may include attacking, travel, or protection, amongst other interesting powers. Maybe some minor magic.

    If she touches another Seeker, she gains a tattoo for whatever Object(s) they have in their possession.

    More to come, if she gets her way.


    She was a nobody before, worthless. It doesn't matter.

    What matters is she somehow managed to cast down Legion himself, stealing away a thousand of his Objects and leaving the older man missing in action.
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