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    Power Level: D+ (Or E without her bow)

    Height: 5’ 2”
    Weight: 50 KG
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Country of Origin: LeAstra
    Professions: Blacksmith, Scout
    Current Occupation: Seeking Employment
    Last known location: Heading for Neutral Organization HQ
    Posessions: Magic Bow and Arrows, Smithing Hammer, Armor (hidden under dress), Efficient Quiver
    Disposition: Demure, Dedicated, Intellectual, Loyal, Curious
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Background – Katie had a very interesting upbringing. As is to be expected when a young girl is left on the doorstep of a Gnome to be raised to adulthood, but even moreso because the Gnome himself was raised by Dwarves, meaning Katie has the curiosity of a Gnome, but the focus and skill of a Dwarf when it comes to metalwork, making her quite the blacksmith.

    As a teen, she lost her father to disease, and was never given a second or third name as is customary with Gnomes when they reach maturity. So she has only ever been known as “Katie”. In her home world, she found a fortress that took her in, gave her a job, and put her into training to be a marksman, where she fared even better than anyone had expected. She even fell in love, with a beautiful young woman.

    But Katie felt her destiny pulling her away from those lands. With a tearful farewell to her lover, Katie departed from the growing kingdom. She now seeks to employ herself as a blacksmith, to whoever will accept her services.

    Oh, and if they need another archer, she can do that too.

    Abilities – Though she is modest about it, Katie is more than an expert marksman, and with her magic bow and arrows she is quite capable of holding her own in a fight. Though she can use her smithing hammer as a secondary weapon at close range, she is not a strong girl, and is far less effective at fighting in melee. Of course, to her the greatest skill she has is in the forge, and indeed her metalwork is of very high quality.

    Characteristics – Though she is skilled in combat and has seen several battles, Katie is still rather timid and humble about her own abilities. Though she is intelligent and well-read, this talent does not translate itself to combat leadership, and she is much better at following orders than she is at giving them.

    Weapons and Equipment – Katie’s Magic bow is specially enhanced to shoot more accurately and cause more damage on impact. Her arrows, though made of ordinary steel and wood, are of her own workmanship, and her deep dwarven roots show in their strength and power. Her hammer, though only an ordinary dwarven hammer when used for fighting, is an excellent smithing tool, and a special gift from her former lover.

    Underneath her blue dress, Katie wears chainmail armor that she crafted out of fine Mithral, giving it added staying power and lightness, allowing her to move freely while wearing it.


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