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    Mister Buttons

    Alias: Reinholdt
    Gender: M
    Race/Species: Sabretooth Tiger
    Class/Profession: Sabretooth Tiger

    Description: It's an orange Sabretooth Tiger. Also Tobais' unofficial animal companion.

    Personality: Once a common housecat, it still frequently acts like one. Commonly known for pouncing on those it likes and pouncing on those it doesn't. Generally a friendly, people loving cat, if a bit cowardly. It will fiercely protect those it cares about though.

    Equipment: Claws and teeth.

    Abilities: Pouncing!

    Backstory: Once a normal stray cat, Reinholdt, as it was called by its mother, was rescued and adopted by Cerise, a little girl, who named him Mister Buttons, much to his chagrin. They lived in all manner of dangerous places filled with werewolves. Eventually they made their way to Sunnydale, where a beast known as Adam tried to attack Cerise by a hellmouth. Mister Buttons fiercely defended her and was transformed into a sabretooth tiger by the energies of the hellmouth before falling in with Adam and somehow ending up in the ACROverse. Here he was rescued by Roxie who also named him Mister Buttons in the universe's attempt at a joke. Stayed with Roxie for some time until he met a druid by Tobias and started following him around.

    Miscellaneous: Likes Cat Fancy magazines and prefers Fancy Feast food. Has no actual relation to the other Reinholdt's of this world other than being an alternate universe version of him.

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