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    Watcher's Journal
    Entry #2012

    My apologies to those reading this. It has been about two months since my last entry. Much has happened since, so I will be brief about the events. I will provide more details in a later entry. Constraints on time have prevented me from doing so already, and look to still in the near future.

    The most significant thing is that, thanks to Yomiko, the war between the Realm and Lookshy has ended. It was settled not with sword or spell, but with an arm-wrestling match at Yomiko's insistence. Representing the Realm was Shogun Roseblack herself; against a man named Kazei Lenidas, who was chosen as Lookshy's champion. The match went on for hours, but ended with Lenidas and Lookshy as the champions. Not the outcome I wanted, but there was very little I could do without sparking a new war.

    These next two things have to do with Ivory, and concern me of what they could mean for Lotus. First, she has added to Lotus' fleet by building five huge airships, dwarfed only by her own Flower. I have yet to find out what kind of firepower they possess, but I have no doubts that calling it "significant" is an understatement. The other concern is about her son, Smiling Dusk Dragon. Only a month old, and he's taken to summoning demons. Ivory may ave put a stop to it, but someone this young with that kind of power in the middle of Lotus? I need to talk to her, see what kind of protection can be put around him.

    The biggest thing of all currently is the wedding tomorrow for Yomiko and Astra. I can only hope that we've all learned from Iulus' death. We have even more enemies seeking our demise now, and I'm worried that they will try to strike at us during the ceremony. I won't be running security, because I have a more public part to play. Yomiko has asked me

    Watcher's writing comes to a stop, thinking back to an event a few months ago...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A groan comes from Watcher as he comes back into consciousness. What time is it? Where is he? And why in the hell couldn't he move his arm. Opening his eyes, he glances around, noticing his arm wrapped in a hard material. That brings him relief. At least something productive had happened while he was out. It also helps that he can feel the familiar weight of the mask on his face. He isn't sure who had knocked him out, but it looks like they knew him well enough.

    Her voice comes in something of a haze at first, like hearing it from underwater. Soon her voice was clear enough, "Watcher? Are you awake?"

    Panic hits him upon hearing the voice. Someone was in the room while he was like this? That he hadn't noticed? This was not good. His good arm shoots to grab the boomerang he had stashed in his boot, but is quickly stopped. His arm is tied to the railing of the bed. Getting out would be difficult for even him. Damn, someone knew him TOO well.

    "Watcher!" The voice was familiar now in the panic, the voice of the woman who punched him, who grabbed his mask! "Watcher, Konoko said we were probably best to tie you down. I'm sorry." At least her face is sympathetic. "How are you feeling?"

    "Yomiko?" Watcher responds, obviously not used to being in a situation like this. He mentally berates himself for acting so foolish. You have senses, damnit. Use them.

    "This was Konoko?"

    "Yes... but she must have known that's what it took. I only hope you're feeling better." She rubs his arm and smiles, obviously empathetic.

    "I should be up soon." Watcher nods, resisting the urge to mess with his bindings. It would be a bad idea to do it in front of her. "No need to worry, it is only a broken arm."

    "Maybe. We couldn't be so sure, those... Abyssals." She can't even finish her statement, too vile a thing to think about. She leaves it behind for now and smiles again. "I'm glad. It'll be good knowing you're on the streets again."

    She pauses, looking at her own reflection in his mask. The tiniest bit of fright just behind her eyes from only a few days earlier. "Watcher. I'm sorry I grabbed your mask, I..."

    "No." He interrupts. "Do not apologize. It is my fault for always being so secretive. There is no way you could have known."

    She blinks, lost in thought for the merest moment, but disregarding it soon after. "We all have our secrets, Watcher." She laughs, "Or was it Cathak Rotuti?" Maybe a joke that bit a little too deep?
    "I have another reason for coming here, Watcher. I've been thinking so much about this, and I wanted it to be perfect. So I came here to see you. To ask you something."

    "Cathak Rotuti." He speaks the name as though it were some long lost phrase. "There are days that I wish I was still called that. But, no matter. What do you need?"

    "Well, you mean so much to me, and I've thought so long and hard about this and it became clear that you're perfect for it. It would also make Astra and Konoko both so happy but..." she hesitates, as if asking you this might be overstepping uncertain bounds, "Watcher, would you do me the honor of being my best man? At the wedding?" She seems only a bit nervous asking.

    Calling Watcher a quiet man was by all means understating the fact. He spoke only when he felt it necessary. He was the silent eye after all, keeping a lookout for danger. But hearing Yomiko's request truly leaves him speechless. He doesn't understand. He'd be better managing the security of such an event. In fact, he had been running through plans ever since he had heard of her engagement. But best man? There was no logic there.

    Then again, when it came to feelings like this, logic rarely factored in. He knew this all too well.
    "I believe...that I will need a nicer cloak for this."

    She bursts with laughter, her nerves clearly relaxing and she felt no greater compulsion than to embrace the bed-ridden Night Caste because that is exactly what she did. "Oh Watcher, I'm so happy!" She lets go, not sitting down. How could anyone sit down when they're so excited?
    "We need to celebrate! What's your favorite drink?" and from there, it would take Sol Invictus himself to stop her happy ranting and celebratory cries.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The memory fades as he brings himself back. He still can't help but be surprised about the role he was to play. He hadn't done anything like this since before he had first donned his mask.

    No, he wasn't going to think about that. Better that the past stayed buried. He turns back to the journal, a quick edit bringing him back in.

    I won't be running security, because I have a more public part to play. Yomiko has asked me The Syndicate will have to be enough. They know what to do. They're ready for this.
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