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    A +4 that stacks with everything is a bit much. You're effectively giving a temple the ability to cast mass divine power, plus 8 other effects as a level 4 spell o_O. For anyone else the spell is mild, but still useful. I'd cap it at +2. And even at +1 to friends and -1 to foes the spell isn't too bad compared to, say, prayer. Then maybe you could lower the material cost.

    Even paying 500 gp for the +4, that's not too much to pay to turn a fight from a loss to a win. Heck, looting that one fight will get you over 5,000 gp in treasure, and more at higher levels. Or even turning a PC death to a deathless victory for only 500 gp saves you resurrection costs.

    I mean at +4 instead of rolling a 10 now you need to roll a 6, instead of a 5 now you only fail on a natural 1, instead of a 15 now you only need to roll an 11. Fights will be easy. If it cost everyone involved an action or if it didn't stack with almost everything else the actual boost wouldn't be so high, but it does so it is.
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