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    Default Re: 3+ (now more than 10) New Dragons (apparently taking requests)

    Meta-Dragon Traits:

    All metadragons are Constructs with the Living Construct subtype and the Dragonforged subtype. They also all have the Sense Dragons ability, and may use Repair Light Damage as a spell-like ability 1/day per age category. They also have the Keen Senses, and Blindsense abilities normally attributed to true dragons.

    Sense Dragons (Su): A metadragon may sense the direction and distance to the nearest creature with the Dragon type or Augmented Dragon subtype (but not the Dragonblood subtype) within 300-ft per age category. 100-ft of wood/soil, 10-ft of stone, or 5-ft of metal blocks this ability.

    This subtype may only be applied to constructs, and usually goes along with the living construct subtype.
    • HD type: d10.
    • BAB: +3/4 levels.
    • Good Fortitude and Will saves.
    • Skill points equal to (4+ Int modifier minimum 1) per HD.

    In addition to those of constructs/living constructs Dragonforged have the following traits
    • A Dragonforged creature is also considered to have the Dragonblood subtype.
    • Darkvision 60-ft
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