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    Necrocarnum Dragons

    Dragon (Evil)
    Environment: Warm deserts and swamps.
    Organization: Wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult: solitary or clutch (2–5); adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, or great wyrm: solitary, pair, or family (2-5).
    Challenge Ratings: Wyrmling 5; very young 6; young 8; juvenile 10; young adult 12; adult 14; mature adult 17; old 19; very old 20; ancient 22; wyrm 23; great wyrm 25
    Treasure: Triple Standard
    Alignment: Always neutral evil.

    Beyond the setting sun, in the endless desert of the soul, I first saw them. Dark dragons, across whose scales strange shapes flitted continuously. Their scales were a dark amethyst, and these shapes which I later realized looked almost like faces, were a color darker than black. One turned its head towards me and I saw its soul devouring eyes; eyes which were like an infinite pool of darkness pulling me towards them, into the abyss.

    You seek power, yes? Knowledge? I can grant you both, the power to overthrow man’s kingdoms, the knowledge of the times before.

    Like a fool I found myself considering its offer, though every nerve in me howled that it was a being of utmost evil.

    “At what cost?” I asked trembling.

    A couple of minor favors, nothing too odious, and that you use the power I grant you.” the creature said in a sibilant hiss.

    “And what is this power?” I asked, willing myself away to no avail.

    The creature’s eyes opened fully and I saw it, I felt it, the sheer power of innocent souls drained of what strength they have. I felt that dreaded dark taint and then I awoke, back from my soul’s wanderings into that endless desert, but I know I will never be the same.

    Necrocarnum dragons are an ancient race filled with unspeakable malice. They dwell in deserts and swamps that are either distant and unpopulated by many creatures, or are supercharged with necrocarnum energies. What is known about these reclusive dragons is that as a race they seek to corrupt humanoid creatures, and many (if not all) serve a creature they refer to as “The Shadow Beyond the Gate”. Theories about these creatures abound: that they taught the first necrocarnates; that “The Shadow Beyond the Gate” is an ancient death god all but slain for intervening in the Blood War by the (combined) efforts of demons and devils; that “The Shadow Beyond the Gate” is secretly Orcus; that they were around during the time of the Aboleths and are in fact the first dragons, older even than Bahamut and Tiamat; that they come from the Far Realm; and many, many more.

    Necrocarnum dragons are unrepentantly evil, and seem almost to live solely for that purpose. Even though their first and foremost goal is the corruption of mortals, they will also go out in search of wealth to take back to their remote lairs to build their hoard. This is the most likely business for a necrocarnum dragon encountered to be about, the continuous search for treasure to build their hoard, ever greater, for it is the hoard that creates ones standing amongst these dragons.

    Necrocarnum dragons have dark purple skin, that only grows darker as they grow. Across their scales play shapes of utter darkness, shapes that occasionally form what look like human faces. Their eyes are pools of inky darkness that seem to draw creatures in to be consumed by the absolute evil that lurks inside. Their claws are long and articulate, looking like a finely crafted sculpture; although they prove that for all their beauty they sacrifice nothing in tearing power or sturdiness when they must wade into combat. Their heads are shaped almost like those of a panther’s, as opposed to the reptilian snouts common to their kin, and they have single chin horn to ornament them. They lack true wings instead relying on great fin-like structures like those of brass and gold dragons.

    Age Size Hit Dice Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha BAB/Grp Atk Fort Ref Will Breath Weapon Breath Weapon DC Frightful Presence:
    Wyrmling S 5d12+5 (37 hp) 13 10 13 10 12 13 5/2 7 5 4 5 1 DC 13 -
    Very Young M 8d12+16 (68 hp) 15 10 15 12 14 15 8/10 10 8 6 8 1 DC 16 -
    Young M 11d12 + 22 (93 hp) 17 10 15 12 14 15 11/12 14 9 7 9 1 DC 17 -
    Juvenile L 14d12+42 (133 hp) 19 10 17 14 16 17 14/22 17 12 9 12 2 DC 20 -
    Young Adult L 17d12+68 (178 hp) 21 10 19 14 16 19 17/26 21 14 10 13 2 DC 22 DC 22
    Adult H 20d12+100 (230 hp) 23 10 21 16 18 21 20/34 24 17 12 16 2 DC 25 DC 25
    Mature Adult H 23d12+115 (264 hp) 25 10 21 18 20 21 23/38 28 18 13 18 3 DC 26 DC 26
    Old H 26d12+156 (325 hp) 29 10 23 20 22 23 26/43 33 21 15 21 3 DC 29 DC 29
    Very Old H 29d12+174 (362 hp) 31 10 23 22 22 23 29/47 37 22 16 22 3 DC 30 DC 30
    Ancient G 32d12+224 (432hp) 33 10 25 24 24 25 32/55 39 25 18 25 4 DC 33 DC 33
    Wyrm G 35d12+280 (507 hp) 35 10 27 24 26 27 35/59 43 27 19 27 4 DC 35 DC 35
    Great Wyrm G 38d12+342 (589 hp) 37 10 29 26 28 29 38/63 47 30 21 30 4 DC 38 DC 38

    Age Speed Init AC Special Abilities SR Essentia
    Wyrmling 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 16 (+6 natural) Immunity to Ability Damage and Drain, Meldshaping - 0
    Very Young 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 18 (-1 size, +9 natural) Harvest Essentia - 0
    Young 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 21 (-1 size, +12 natural) Steal Essentia - 1
    Juvenile 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 24 (-1 size, +15 natural) Crown Chakra (Necrocarnum Only) - 2
    Young Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 26 (-2 size, +18 natural) DR 5/good 18 3
    Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 29 (-2 size, +21 natural) Arms Chakra (Necrocarnum only), Life Draining Aura 20 4
    Mature Adult 40-ft, fly 150-ft (poor) +0 32 (-2 size, +24 natural) DR 10/good 22 5
    Old 40-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +0 33 (-4 size, +27 natural) Throat Chakra (Necrocarnum only) 23 6
    Very Old 40-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +0 36 (-4 size, +30 natural) DR 15/good 25 8
    Ancient 40-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +0 39 (-4 size, +33 natural) Waist Chakra (necrocarnum only), Consume Essence 27 10
    Wyrm 40-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +0 42 (-4 size, +36 natural) DR 20/good 29 12
    Great Wyrm 40-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +0 41 (-8 size, +39 natural) Heart Chakra (Necrocarnum only) 31 15

    Special Abilities:

    Breath Weapon (Su): A necrocarnum has one type of breath-weapon, a cone of soul-shattering energy. This breath weapon deals the listed Constitution damage and temporarily drains 1 essentia per age category of the necrocarnum dragon from all creatures in the area reducing their pool by that amount for 1 hour. A successful Fort save halves both the damage (or negates it if this reduces it to less than 1) and essentia drain.

    Meldshaping Ability: A necrocarnum dragon has the innate ability to shape melds from the Incarnate meld list. It may have a number of melds shaped equal to ½ its age category (rounded up) and has a maximum essentia capacity in these melds equal to ½ its age category (rounded down). Its meld shaper level is twice its age category. They may have a number of chakra binds equal to 1/3 its age category, although they do not naturally gain any open chakras until juvenile. It does not gain other abilities (including opening chakras) that incarnates gain.

    Harvest Essentia (Su): Whenever a creature within 30-ft per age category dies a very young or older necrocarnum dragon gains bonus essentia equal to ½ that creature’s hit dice; this bonus essentia lasts for 1 hour. A necrocarnum dragon may never have more than its age category worth of essentia from this ability at 1 time.

    Steal Essentia (Su): When a young or older necrocarnum dragon bites a creature it drains 1 point of essentia from that creature’s essentia pool (assuming the target has one) and add it to its own. The necrocarnum dragon retains the stolen essentia for 10 minutes, after which point the target regains use of that point of essentia. A necrocarnum dragon may only have a number of points of essentia from this ability equal to its age category at one time; any beyond this amount are inaccessible to it until the duration for essentia stolen earlier has ended.

    * Chakra (Necrocarnum only): Whenever they gain this ability the necrocarnum dragon opens the listed chakra for the purpose of binding necrocarnum soul melds to it. These chakra are only open for the purposes of necrocarnum melds.

    Life Draining Aura (Su): An adult or older necrocarnum dragon is surrounded by a life-draining aura at all times. Any creature within 30-ft must make a Fortitude save (the DC is the same as that for Frightful Presence) each round or suffer 1 point of Constitution damage; if a creature has essentia it instead has 3 points of essentia drained (this essentia returns 1 hour later) on a failed save until it has no essentia left (at which point they take Con damage like everyone else). A necrocarnum dragon may suppress or resume this aura as a swift action.

    Consume Essence (Su): When an ancient or older necrocarnum dragon hits a creature with a bite attack it unshapes one meld at random the target has shaped, or if the target has no shaped melds it instead deals 2 points of Constitution damage. A successful Fortitude save (same DC as the necrocarnum dragon’s breath weapon) negates this effect.

    Skills: A necrocarnum dragon treats Appraise, Bluff, and Spellcraft as class skills for its racial hit dice.
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