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Thread: [Skill Tricks] that'll make ya sick

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    eek [Skill Tricks] that'll make ya sick

    I'm working on Skill Tricks for my Monstrumologist PrC.

    Suggestions for further bio-tricks are welcome.


    Enigmatic Pitch (Interaction)
    Your voice seems to come from everywhere and makes concentration difficult.
    Prerequisite: Bluff 10 ranks, Hide 1 rank
    Benefit: Through a special form of ventriloquism, any vocal effects, such as that from speaking or casting a spell with a vocal component, or your general location, cannot be determined through listen checks. It also hides you from those who 'see' with blindsense or blindsight through hearing, and they gain no benefit from these abilities. You can still be seen normally through all other forms of sight and heard moving or making noise through non-vocal means.

    Induce Vomiting (Manipulation)
    You can cause any creature that swallows you to regurgitate.
    Prerequisite: Heal 8 ranks
    Benefit: If swallowed whole by a living creature, you may trigger a gag reflex as a swift action at any time once within. The creature that swallowed must attempt a Fortitude save (DC = to Heal check) or spend a standard action retching, and deposits you in an adjoining square. It cannot attempt to ingest anything for 1d4 rounds without immediately regurgitating again.

    Reassuring Presence (Interaction)
    You quell panic by your stoic nature.
    Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks, Diplomacy 1 rank
    Benefit: If you succeed on a save against a fear affect, or are immune to fear, all those within 10 feet of you may make an immediate second save. If successful they throw off their fear for that round. Even if they fail their save the fear is reduced by one level; from Panicked to Frightened, Frightened to Shaken, Shaken to Calm.

    Regulate Temperature (Manipulation)
    You take control of your body's internal temperature.
    Prerequisite: Autohypnosis 8 ranks, Survival 5 ranks
    Benefit: You make a Autohypnosis check each time your would be affected by extreme cold or heat. For every 1 point past an Autohypnosis roll of 20 your maximum weather tolerance decreases or increases (depending on cold or heat) by 2 degrees.
    Example: An unprotected human must make a fortitude save when the weather is below 40 degrees or above 90 degrees. A roll of 20 allows him to forgo requiring a fortitude check at 40/90 degrees. A roll of 21 however allows him to forgo making a check at 38/92 degrees. A roll of 30 would allow him forgo making a check at 20/110 degrees.
    Special: Creatures from Cold terrains do not have to make a save until the temperature becomes -20 or less.
    Creatures from Hot terrains do not have to make a save until the temperature becomes 140 degrees or more.

    Savor the Effect (Manipulation)
    You enjoy the effects of potions longer than normal.
    Prerequisite: Autohypnosis 8 ranks, Concentration 5 ranks
    Benefit: Though a form of specialized meditation you take control of your digestive system and extend the benefits of a potion with a duration longer than instantaneous for 1d4 additional rounds.

    Strange Overtones [Interaction]
    Your voice drives others a little crazy.
    Prerequisite: Bluff 5 ranks, Intimidate 5 ranks
    Benefit: Through manipulation of subharmonics and carefully crafted reflection your voice takes on a subtly disturbing tone. It takes no action, but you may use your voice to cause others to take a -1 penalty to saves against Confusion and Fear effects, including Intimidate checks.

    Venom's Armor (Manipulation)
    You protect yourself from poison by poisoning yourself.
    Prerequisite: Heal 5 ranks
    Benefit: By ingesting 1/10th an application of a specific poison a day you gain a +1 cumulative bonus to fortitude saves against the primary damage, and twice that to the secondary damage, to a maximum of a +10 bonus on the 10th day (and immunity to the secondary).
    For each each day you don't take the poison the save decreases by 1 until you gain no bonus. Once you reach your 10th day however your body is saturated with the poison and you only need take a dose each week to retain your bonus.
    Example: If you ingested 1/10th of a dose of Terinav Root for 5 days he would gain a +5 bonus to saves against it, and a +10 bonus to it's secondary effects. If he then failed to take it for 2 days the primary bonus would decrease to +3, and the secondary to +6.

    Warm-Eyed (Manipulation)
    You can detect heat signatures.
    Prerequisite: Autohypnosis 8 ranks
    Benefit: Through constant practice you are able to sense the general presence of heat 90 degrees or higher out to 10 feet, 60 feet if an actual fire or a fire elemental. This does not indicate the direction any more than in front of you, behind you, or to the sides, nor does can its exact location be detected.
    You can differentiate the difference between wildly varying heat sources, such as that of a human's body heat and that of a campfire or fire elemental.
    In this manner you can detect the number of differentiating hear sources, but multiple humans behind you for example wouldn't register multiple sources, being the same temperature and thus source.
    Special: If you desire you can determine before sleeping to awake in the presence of a new heat source than those that you fell asleep within range of your sense.
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