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Considering you have something for poison, how about something for disease?
Suppose you could expose yourself to small bits of disease, but not certain how even a monstrumologist could control the dosage.

Regulate Temperature makes me think of meditating Buddhist monks... perhaps also one that will allow you to go without food or sleep for a little while longer? Wouldn't do so for drinking, though.
Naw, sleep isn't even necessary by rules. Only for casting.

Food would make a sort of sense, but you can go so long without it not sure it'd be worth a feat.

And the Induce Vomiting one makes me think it'd go along well with my Tasted to some degree... I like it.
Might also want to take a look at my Purge Stomach line of spells.

EDIT: You have a leftover [/spoiler] tag at the end of your post, VT. Just sayin'.
Found it before you even editted. Ha

I'd recommend simplifying Regulate Temperature to work with the temperature band and protection level system presented in the environmental books.
Well, that'd be getting pretty powerful for a simple skill trick. Arctic animals with thick fur only get to Tier 2.