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Thread: [Skill Tricks] that'll make ya sick

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Vorpal Tribble View Post
    Suppose you could expose yourself to small bits of disease, but not certain how even a monstrumologist could control the dosage.
    Admittably it's hard to reason, considering in real life you naturally build up immunity to disease, but in DnD there is no such thing for supernatural disease. You could reason though that every instance of the same supernatural disease has a slight mutation that allows it to overcome any other resistances against similar version of that disease.

    Food would make a sort of sense, but you can go so long without it not sure it'd be worth a feat.
    Perhaps a Skill Trick allowing for a potion effect to last a round longer instead, then? I'd imagine that to be somewhat similar - if the other way around and magical in a sense.

    Might also want to take a look at my Purge Stomach line of spells.
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