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    Nessian Dragon
    Dragon (Evil, Lawful)
    Environment: Nessus (the 9 hells)
    Organization: wyrmling, very young, young, juvenile, and young adult: solitary or clutch (2Ė5); adult, mature adult, old, very old, ancient, wyrm, or great wyrm: solitary.
    Challenge Rating: Wyrmling 2; very young 4; young 6; juvenile 8; young adult 11; adult 13; mature adult 16; old 18; very old 20; ancient 22; wyrm 23; great wyrm 24
    Treasure: Triple Standard
    Alignment: Always LE

    The smallest of the Baatorian dragons, the Nessian Dragon relies on its mental powers as opposed to physical might when participating in combat. They are consummate masters of shadow magic, as well as adept at enchantments and illusions. Nessian dragons can often be seen in the retinues of powerful pit fiends, and wyrmlings are sometimes granted to arcanists as familiars to tempt and lure them into deeper evils.

    Nessian dragons prefer to avoid direct confrontation, striking from hiding if at all. Theyíd much rather use manipulation, guile, and trickery to make their enemies fight each other. Nessian dragons rarely interact with each other, for once they reach the height of their powers they fear only their own kin and the master of the Layer himself. Once, or at most three times, in their life a nessian dragon will get the urge to go forth and seek companionship of its own kind. When they cannot find it, you now know the source of the half-dragon imps sometimes joked about in Sigilís Leaky Tankard tavern.

    For that matter there is nessian dragonsí connection with imps. Some berks will rattle their boneboxes about what they get up to together, but dark of the matter is thereís something else there. Nessian dragons seem to be able to control the little devils, take over their minds and make them do what they want. Some bloods returning from the War have even told of groups of imps led by a single member with great magical powers, at first it seemed like an imp that had dabbled in illusions till it revealed it true form as one of these monsters. Some balmies even hint that these dragons have a way to fool true seeing but that just goes to show how unreliable the chant can be.

    Nessian dragons have light violet scales throughout their lives. As they age specks of red, and green emerge across their body, and so that at great wyrm theyíre only about half violet. Nessian dragons have smooth, clean features, narrow, pointed heads, and elegant, beautiful wings that seem made of ne piece of flexible metal. When a nessian dragon hits maturity (young adult), its scales split in several places, marring this beauty of form, a sign of the raceís ancient pact with Asmodeus and their eternal subjugation.

    Age Size Hit Dice Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha BAB/Grp Atk Fort Ref Will Breath Weapon Damage Breath Weapon DC Frightful Presence
    Wyrmling D 2d12+2 (15 hp) 7 14 11 16 13 16 2/-12 4 3 5 4 1d3 11 -
    Very Young T 5d12+5 (37 hp) 9 14 13 18 15 18 5/-4 6 5 6 6 1d4 13 -
    Young S 8d12+16 (68 hp) 11 14 13 20 17 20 8/4 9 6 7 9 1d6 15 -
    Juvenile S 11d12 + 22 (93 hp) 13 14 15 20 17 20 11/7 13 9 9 10 1d8 17 -
    Young Adult M 14d12+42 (133 hp) 13 14 15 22 19 22 14/15 15 11 11 13 1d10 19 23
    Adult M 17d12+68 (178 hp) 15 14 17 24 21 24 17/19 19 13 12 15 1d10+1 21 25
    Mature Adult M 20d12+100 (230 hp) 17 14 19 26 21 26 20/23 23 16 14 17 1d10+2 24 28
    Old L 23d12+115 (264 hp) 19 14 21 28 23 28 23/31 26 18 15 19 1d10+3 26 30
    Very Old L 26d12+156 (325 hp) 19 14 21 30 23 30 26/34 29 20 17 21 1d10+4 28 33
    Ancient L 29d12+174 (362 hp) 21 14 23 32 25 32 29/37 32 22 18 23 1d10+5 30 35
    Wyrm H 32d12+224 (432hp) 23 14 23 34 27 34 32/45 35 24 20 26 1d10+6 32 38
    Great Wyrm H 35d12+280 (507 hp) 25 14 25 36 29 36 35/49 39 26 21 28 1d10+7 34 40

    Age Speed Init AC Special Abilities SR Shadowcasting Level Arcane CL
    Wyrmling 60-ft, fly 100-ft (good) +2 16 (+4 size, +2 Dex) Immunity to Fire and Poison; Resistance 10 to Cold, and Acid; See in Darkness - 1st -
    Very Young 60-ft, fly 100-ft (good) +2 17 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +3 natural) Alternate Form - 3rd 1st
    Young 60-ft, fly 100-ft (good) +2 19 (+1 size, +2 Dex, +6 natural) Improved Imp Shape - 5th 2nd
    Juvenile 60-ft, fly 100-ft (good) +2 22 (+1 size, +2 Dex, +9 natural) Charming Whispers - 7th 4th
    Young Adult 60-ft, fly 150-ft (average) +2 24 (+2 Dex, +12 natural) DR 5/good or silver 16 9th 5th
    Adult 60-ft, fly 150-ft (average) +2 27 (+2 Dex, +15 natural) Circle of Evil's Power, Control Imps 18 11th 7th
    Mature Adult 60-ft, fly 150-ft (average) +2 30 (+2 Dex, +18 natural) DR 10/good or silver 21 13th 9th
    Old 60-ft, fly 150-ft (average) +2 32 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +21 natural) Dominate Person 24 15th 11th
    Very Old 60-ft, fly 150-ft (average) +2 35 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +24 natural) DR 15/good or silver 26 17th 13th
    Ancient 60-ft, fly 150-ft (average) +2 38 (-1 size, +2 Dex, +27 natural) Interplanar Vision 28 19th 15th
    Wyrm 60-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +2 40 (-2 size, +2 Dex, +30 natural) DR 20/good or silver 29 20th 17th
    Great Wyrm 60-ft, fly 200-ft (poor) +2 43 (-2 size, +2 Dex, +33 natural) Ultimate Mask 30 20th 19th

    Special Abilities

    Breath Weapon: A nessian dragon has a single breath weapon a line of hellish red light. This cone gives all creatures within it a penalty to their Intelligence and Wisdom equal to the number indicated above, with a Will save allowed to half the penalty. This penalty lasts 10 minutes per age category of the nessian dragon and cannot reduce an ability score below 3.

    Spells: A nessian dragon learns spells as a sorcerer of the listed level. These spells may be drawn from Sor/Wiz Illusion and Enchantment spells, and the Evil, Law, and Diabolic Domains. They may also choose spells from the Sor/Wiz list that are Divination, Evocation, or have the Polymorph subschool but these spells are considered to be 1 spell levels higher for the nessian dragon (so Polymorph would be a 5th level spell unavailable to them till Old).

    Alternate Form (Su): 3/day as a standard action a very young or older nessian dragon may assume the form of: 1 variety of medium or smaller humanoid (unique to each nessian dragon), a monstrous spider of up to medium-size, a raven, a rat, a boar, or an imp. The dragon may remain in this form indefinitely or until it chooses to return to its normal form.

    Improved Imp Shape (Su): When a young or older nessian dragon uses its alternate form ability to take the shape of an imp it gains the impís spell-like abilities as long as it is in that form.

    Charming Whispers (Su): If a juvenile or older nessian dragon talks with a creature for at least 1 minute that creature must make a Will save (DC 14 + the nessian dragonís charisma modifier) or be charmed as per Charm Monster. Once active this effect may be dispelled as if it was a spell-like ability.

    Circle of Evilís Power (Su): An adult or older nessian dragon radiates an aura of evil power out to 10-ft per age category that suppresses all Protection from Evil, Magic Circle of Protection from Evil, Protection from Law, Magic Circle of Protection from Law, Holy Aura, Cloak of Chaos, Holy Word, and Word of Chaos spells within it.

    Control Imps (Su): An adult or older nessian dragon may, 1/day, attempt to rebuke/command imps as an evil cleric does undead. The nessian dragon has an effective cleric level equal to its age category for this attempt.

    Interplanar Gaze (Su): An ancient or older nessian dragon may observe any spot it is familiar with on any Lower Plane, or the Prime Material Plane, as if using Clairaudience/Clairvoyance with an unlimited and inter planar range at will. 3/day it may attempt to scry on a creature as Greater Scrying with a similar range the targets will save is modified as normal for Greater Scrying but the DC is equal to the dragonís frightful presence DC.

    Ultimate Mask (Su): A great wyrm nessian dragon is automatically able to sense when a creature is attempting to discern its alignment through magical means and can emulate any alignment for their effects. An unconscious nessian dragonís alignment is instead undetectable by magical means. Also the original form of a great wyrm nessian dragon that is in another form is no longer revealed via True Seeing and they instead appear to be whatever form they have polymorphed/shapeshifted into.

    Mysteries: A nessian dragon is born able to use the mysteries of shadow magic. Any nessian dragon may use mysteries as a shadowcaster of the listed level. They do not gain bonus feats for completing their paths.

    Spell-like Abilities: 3/day Dominate Person (Old or Older)

    Skills: Bluff, Disguise, and Perform are class skills for a Nessian Dragon.
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