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    Guitar Pete

    Alias: Forgotten them all

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human probably

    Age: Ooold. At least 600

    Alignment: True neutral

    Class/Profession: Hobo/Musician. Ex Seeker

    Power Rating: D odd

    Description: Pete doesn't appear old - more ... diminished. He has a long matted beard of an indiscriminate grey/brown/red colour. He is bald, and wears a tatty baseball cap. His clothes are faded and dirty, and look like he hasn't changed them in centuries. His eyes are deep and sunken, and to stare into them is to stare into madness. HIs fingers are gnarled and calloused

    Personality: Pete's previous personality has been largely washed away. Now there's mostly just the Music. He's gruff and distant.

    Equipment: Object 227, The Music. That is all.


    Ok. The Music is a battered old acoustic guitar with three strings. When played, everything will stop what its doing and listen to it. It is physically impossible to attack the bearer while he or she is playing, or do much other than sit/stand and listen. However, this comes with a price. The user forever hears the tune of true music in his head. Unless he has a ridiculously strong will, it gradually consumes him, until all that's left is the music. It can also play True Music. This is generally considered bad.

    Backstory: Pete was a seeker. A long time ago. He found The Music. He didn't heed the warnings, and played it. His resolve was lacking. That's really all there is to say.
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