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Thread: An economic idea [3.5 D&D]

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    Default An economic idea [3.5 D&D]

    I recently thought of this idea for handling the huge economic gap between magic items and the mundane, as lets face it most PC's are wearing enough wealth to retire in luxury fairly early on which can actually be a problem for a get rich motivated PC. As that goal is accomplished fairly easily.

    Because the economic gap is so huge my idea is to simply make them separate economics. In this way adventures are no longer carrying the economy of a small country on their back. Their still rich but the gap becomes much smaller as you'll see below.

    First we come to the basis of it, Chrysm, a magical mineral that when properly refined can store magical energy and is used to create magic items, write in spellbooks and would even replace the gem components in some spells. Deciding what material components switch from gems to chrysm is up to you. You can make a spell much harder to cast if it stays GP. 5,000gp of diamond for a raise dead spell is much harder to come by when you can't easily trade magic items for gold.

    *As Chrysm is a naturally occurring magical material it is impossible to create with magic even True Creation.*

    Instead of measuring the value of magic items in gp its done in Chrysm measures or CM's. So paying to enchant +1 Sword being 2,000cm's. Instead of 2,000 GP. If you sell that sword you get 1,000cm's but no gold.

    To keep these economies separate entities its a 10 to 1 exchange rate. BOTH ways, So 100gp can be traded for 10cm and 100cm can be traded for 10gp. Yeah its not an even transaction because its not the same economy.

    The mundane aspects of the item still need to be configured, if you want to buy a +1 sword you need to pay 2,000cm for the enchantment and 315gp for the physical sword.

    Now as Chrysm should appear in random treasure the easiest way is to simply have 20% of all gems instead be chrysm. So if you roll up a 2,000gp emerald roll a d10 and on 9 or 10 its instead a piece of chrysm worth 2,000cm.

    So what are your thoughts?
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