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    Pending a proper avatar, she's the female in that picture
    Kristy “K'rshian” Kristine, Kris
    Formerly of the Third order of Etina
    Power Level: B

    Height: 4’ 6”
    Weight: 25 KG
    Gender: Female
    Race: Catfolk
    Country of Origin: Mikeria
    Professions: Monk
    Current Occupation: Not Employed
    Last known location: Trog's Tavern
    Posessions: Shurikens, traveling gear and clothes
    Disposition: Curious, Energetic, Spunky, Friendly
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Background – Kristy comes from a family of 5 brothers, and it shows. Being the only sister made her a bit of a scrapper, but gave her a strong sense of willpower and convinced her to seek out her fortune outside of her tribe. She joined a monestary that, though uneasy about her race, took her in as an equal. One day, she happened upon a witch boy named Sue who had been abandoned by his uncaring master. With the help of a friendly paladin, she took care of him and became best friends.

    One day...something terrible happened, and she and Sue lost their dear friend.

    They set out on an adventure for a new world, and had many adventures there with a new group of friends, but that is long in the past. Kris has grown beyond her original limits, and has entered a new world, curious about what other realms offer her curious mind.

    Recently, she has taken up the art of Denimancy, and is currently learning the basics.

    Abilities – Kris is an extremely skilled martial artist, with few peers in terms of hand-to-hand combat. She uses her size and her speed to her advantage, and is easily able to take down much larger, more dangerous foes. Though she has no magic power to speak of, she is able to tap into the inner energy of her body known as "Ki" in order to perform superhuman feats.

    On top of this, she now possesses amateur abilities as a denimancer, able to bend the denim clothes that she now wears to her will to create various shapes and enhance her abilities.

    Characteristics – Kris is definitely the kind of girl who would leap before she looked, but she prefers to solve her problems non-lethally whenever possible, hence her intense training in how to land non-fatal blows. She is as respectful to any race as she is to her own, which is to say she treats everyone like they are no more important than herself, and considers bigotry to be horrible.

    Weapons and Equipment – Though Kris has on her a few items that offer magic enhancements to her abilities, such as a belt that enhances her agility and a vest that protects her from harm, she carries few weapons, save for a series of shuriken that she keeps hidden on her at all times in case she requires a ranged weapon.

    These days, she also wears a denim jacket, pants and gloves which she can use with her denimancy to create various denim-based objects that are tougher than the denim they are originally made from.


    Rae Artemi - Denimancer Teacher
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