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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysander View Post
    How is it a 10 to 1 exchange both ways? Do you have to physically convert gold itself into CM (or CM into gold) and the process destroys most of it? Because if you're just buying CM, or selling CM, it doesn't make sense that you can only sell it for 10% of the market rate. What's your logic?
    It does if you think in the sense of a money changer, someone who deals primarily in gold has very little use for chrysm. While someone who deals in a lot of chrysm would be able to sustain themselves with magical gear quite easily so they have little use for gold.

    And sense when does D&D require logic? By tenth level a party of adventures are carrying around the wealth of a small country how is that logical? I could simply say you CAN'T trade chrysm for gold period, but I figured I'd leave an option if your truly desperate.

    The point of making them separate economies is so a party of adventurers aren't carrying the wealth of an entire country on their back by level 10.
    Adventurers who deal in both are the ones who get shafted.

    If it went in one direction say 10gp=1CM it make items really cheaper as selling the mundane crap you usually ignore is now worth it. If it was 10cm=1gp that just magnify the gap that already exists.
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