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    Here's an idea for a few tweaks to make this a bit more flavorful and have it make a bit more sense:

    1) Each CM is only usable by one person that it considers to be its master. Any attempt to use CM that belongs to another (whether it is the CM itself as a spell component or a magically enhanced weapon built using that CM, etc, etc) will have no magical effect. Spells that have such a CM as a material component will fail, and any weapon or items will function only as their mundane counterparts.
    1a) If a weapon or item is made using various CM that, in total, consider multiple people to be their master, the weapon or item in question will not function for any of them. Its all or nothing.

    2) To become the master of a CM (whether raw CM or CM that is contained within a weapon or item) you must do one of the following:
    2a) Kill its former master (or destroy if undead). If multiple people are involved in killing said master (say an adventuring party killing a big bad), the CM will respect those people's collective judgment on how the CM should be split amongst them.

    2b) Have the CM in your possession for an extended length of time, the exact length of which is dependent on the disposition of its former master towards you (if any) and how often he had said item on hand. As a few baselines:
    A spare unused CM containing weapon from a fellow party member should consider the new posessor as its master in a day.
    CM that has just been dug out of the ground (no previous owner) will take about a couple weeks.
    CM that is routinely handled by a merchant trying to peddle it should take about a couple months (though it can be a crapshoot, who knows who last owned it).
    CM that is found in an item in a chest somewhere in an (unslain) rival's dungeon should take about 6 months to a year (Unless the master of said item was one of the random mooks you slaughtered somewhere in the dungeon, in which case see 2a).
    CM that is found in said rival's weapon of choice should take about a decade.

    2c) Do a relatively expensive ritual to change whom the CM (again, whether raw CM or as part of a magical item) considers its master to be to any person of your choice which consumes about 10gp for every 1 CM transferred.

    How this tweaks the economics:

    The cost of turning gold into (usable) CM is high because of the ritual needed to transfer ownership in a short amount of time. If the players wish to wait it out, then they can do so, but the longer they wait, the longer the big bad is unchecked....

    On the other hand the cost of turning CM into gold (by selling it) doesn't net much gold per CM because said CM is almost by definition pretty useless to the buyer since they aren't its master and so they won't pay that much for it.
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