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Actually a level 20 character can't even afford a castle let alone a minor nation. And while most people don't make that much money their total net worth after years and years is often a few hundred gp to a few thousand.
This is true only when you assume that WBL is both "magical items owned" and "conventional wealth owned" in combination. Which, granted, is the assumption made by the DMG by default, but not an economically sensible one or one supported by the rules.

Why is it not an assumption supported by the rules? Because the assumption tells us that a level 20 wizard can't afford a small castle, while the rules tell us a wizard can create his own pocket universe with whatever nonliving geographical features he wants, can produce quality finished goods from raw materials by glaring at them and casting two spells from relatively low on his range, and can make structures of stone or iron materialize out of nothingness. He can literally create ex nihilo whatever material goods he desires, and this is the person who makes items appropriate for level 20 characters. Why would he accept a heap of gold and jewels for his products? If he wanted that, he would have made his demiplane a beach of 24-karat sand littered with fist-sized rubies, or else saved some effort by Planar Binding elementals to go gather huge heaps of gems from the Plane of Earth (or the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Minerals if that's still around).