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    Okay. Leaving aside Genesis, though, there are just a ridiculous number of ways that full-casters can generate essentially limitless conventional wealth. (And, well, if there weren't, I doubt there would be half as many threads about how to fix D&D economics. Maybe a third. ) The thing is, when you think through the implications of a full-caster being able to generate essentially limitless conventional wealth, the inevitable conclusion is that conventional wealth is valueless when dealing in items produced and desired by characters of sufficient level to access these methods, which is to say high-end magic items.
    I usually always drop the ban hammer on methods to generate unlimited wealth anyway or I would if anyone in my group thought it was a good idea. But certainly making conventional wealth worthless for getting magic items could drop the motivation for other groups.

    And it explains why evil minions don't run off with their gear and retire in luxury as opposed to fighting to the death against a group of adventurers who've killed dozens of similar henchmen.
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