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I usually always drop the ban hammer on methods to generate unlimited wealth anyway or I would if anyone in my group thought it was a good idea. But certainly making conventional wealth worthless for getting magic items could drop the motivation for other groups.

And it explains why evil minions don't run off with their gear and retire in luxury as opposed to fighting to the death against a group of adventurers who've killed dozens of similar henchmen.
What I like about this is that it doesn't require dropping the banhammer on wealth generation. You don't have to cut out or handwave around any of the pile of spells that make it possible starting at.. what, level 9? 7? I forget. You hit those levels, you Fabricate out a huge pile of valuables, sell them to a merchant, make a bundle, you never have to worry about affording rations again. You just won't be able to use that money to buy level-appropriate items.

Lower-level items can still be available for purchase rather than trade, so that the situations where you find a stash of gold and jewels and can finally afford your +1 armor can still exist. After all, while high-level wizards can create all the money they want, there are still wizards out there who haven't reached that point yet but can already enchant low-level items, and they'll probably be reasonably amenable to the idea of trading a few weeks' work for your chest of bejewelled scepters.

As for underlings selling their gear below its true too-huge-for-gold value and retiring in luxury.. well, okay, here's a hypothetical situation. Imagine that a guy drives up to you in a Porsche, takes out the keys, puts them in front of you, and says "I need cash. If you give me all the money you have on you, the car's yours."

How long do you expect to own that Porsche before the law notices? Sure, it's possible that he owns it legally and is just in a weird situation, and you might decide that riding around in a Porsche for a few days is worth whatever you've got in your wallet, but chances are you'll decide it's not worth getting involved in what's probably a car theft.

Actually, let me make the decision easier. Imagine that you live in a world where Porsches are almost exclusively owned by guys who have enough personal power to slaughter an entire town full of schlubs like you without breaking a sweat, and in fact make a living doing almost exactly that. Does this influence your decision?

And that's why henchmen don't sell their +whatever equipment.