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I was exaggerating, if you think about the value of a +1 sword, no bandit would wield one. A stay at a good Inn and two good meals costs 3gp a day. That minor magic item could support you for nearly a year. He's better off selling the item and living off that money then risking his life using it.

If magic items can't be exchanged for gold then the bandit has a very good reason to wield magical gear. He can't sell it for food so he might as well use it to steal what he needs.
I don't know about that. Let's say a bandit gets a magical sword he could sell for enough money to support himself comfortably for a year, or even ten years. He'd only sell it if he couldn't make more money as a bandit. It really depends whether he's a bandit out of desperation, or whether he views robbing passing caravans as a wise career choice. For example, look at a pirate crew. Sure they could make a lot of money selling their ship, but by keeping it they get to earn a fortune plundering on the high seas.

I understand you wanting to prevent magic from necessarily meaning wealth though.