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    Andreas Emeral
    Alias: Andy

    Gender: Male.

    Race/Species: Cyborg.

    Age: 24

    Alignment: chaotic neutral

    Class/Profession: scientist / Headhunter

    Power Rating: C-

    Description: Andy is a 1.90m / 6'3" tall male. The only thing that separates him from being human is his left arm. This arm is a machine, it is colored like his skin and it took a close look to see the difference. He wears a scientist cloak over his normal clothes and hides his left arm under it.
    He has dark mid long hair that bows to the left side to hide a scale behind his ear. His left Eye has no color but he wears a blue contact lens. His other eye is brown.

    Personality: He is a closed person at the first met, but you need to know him better to see what his personality is like.

    Equipment: Aside from normal clothes he wears the scientist cloak. IN addition he has his left Iron arm that can be used as weapon. The power core of the arm is a mana ore from Deus Mechanicus it includes some of the lost Andy had in the accident like his hopes. It is a machine and caused of that not be effected by Mind changing/Mind attacks. It takes over the controll of Andy if he is passed out. It is able to fight for him but, because he don't feel he will act mostly suicidal. At last the manaore is like a battery that absorbs some magic, the more magic is in the air around him, the more he absorbs. It has a maximum, if it is overloaded it will shoot lightnings to relase some power. If it reaches 300% of the maximum it will explode not sure what will happen in that case. Andy will,now that he knows that, work on something to make this usefull for him.

    Abilitys: He knows how to handle a gun and a sword but his skill in this is very poor. Futhermore he can use several gadgets of his left arm and he is still working on upgrads.
    Known upgrads:
    Grab: Andy can shoot his arm a 6m away from him and draw it back or draw himself to the hand.
    Andy posessess a Green Lantern Ring. At the beginning he was bad with it, but at the time now he trained much and really get used to it very quick. His special attack is a Titanic raamming the enemy. The Lantern skills also include walking through materia like incorparal and invisibility, but people see a green light when he moves to fast.

    Backstory: At young years he grows much interest in his fatherís work. His father works at a lab and tried to combine technology to humans with help from a wizard. Andy helped him much and at the age of 21 he became a scientist, too. Because Andy canít reach the level of knowledge to help his father he tries to go a different way. His test with rare metals and other recourses made him very popular in a short time. But then an accident happens. It was his 22nd birthday and he thought to take the day off. He forgot that the experiment he worked on can collapse if no one watched after it. At the end of the day and a giant Party for him he remembered it and rush to the lab. But it was too late. In the moment he wanted to open the door the experiment collapsed. The explosion destroyed his lab and, because he stood at the half open door, it also took his left arm and hit him at his head. The pain let him pass out. After he awakes he lied in an unknown place and feels no pain. Sleep drunken he walked to the bathroom thinking that this was all just a dream and he drunk too much at the party. After he passed the mirror he stopped and watched at himself. His left arm looks more like a machine now and his left eye missed the color. A few seconds later his father came and told him all. He found Andy without a sign of this arm and immediately decides to test his invention. The new arm is a combination of Technique and magic. It has some inventions inside and with the magical component the owner feels all like if it is a normal hand. Andy was shocked about the decision and left his father. A watch at the calendar told him that is his birthday again but 2 years left. Walking down the streets without a goal was boring so Andy decides to take the first job coming up that has nothing to do with his father. A wanted poster flew into his face. With the thought: "Hmm Headhunter. It will be nice to see the new arm working" he began his new life.
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