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Thread: (PF Base Class) Tactical Warrior

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    Thanks for the comments.

    @Nero24200: I do think they fit flavorwise (a cunning tactician has extremely adaptable tactics and can teach him/herself things on the fly) and are probably not extremely powerful (especially working with only PF core feats, but even otherwise), but I'll consider it.

    @M-Bark: Escape Artist is a skill in PF. I give Perform to all classes. Being self-sufficient and knowing true north (Survival), being able to ID maneuvers (Martial Lore) and spells (Spellcraft) seem like things a battle tactician ought to be able to do. CMB check is the combat maneuver bonus used in PF for trip, grapple, etc., though the word "check" may be superfluous.

    One change I would like to make is to the 19th level ability, as I'm not as fond of it as I am of the rest in that sequence. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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