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Thread: difficult player, what to do?

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    I think someone once posted this as a solution to a similar problem.

    Talk with the other players, have their consent and make the following session: Have him kill everything. Dragons falling from the skies, slaying whole tribes of giants, nobody else does anything except buff him, or give him flanking bonus. Have all players, if possible, telling him how great he is, without being cynical/sarcastic. If he doesn't get bored of 8 hours of that you shouldn't worry, he's hopeless. Also if you make the rolls in secret have him hit all the time. Double his crit range.

    Or you could make dungeons where a pegasus is not a viable mount. Cramped spaces, buildings, dense forests, stuff that lower his effectiveness.

    That's my 2c.

    P.S. In my groups (both as a player and a DM) we don't mind if the warblade/warmage/wizard kill all opposition in one round, before our initiative.
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