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what should I do?
Carry on running without him. It sounds like he is detrimental to the group. Find a replacement and have fun. If the rest of the group are enjoying it, keep going.

He's not going to change the way that he plays, and your other players are not going to enjoy playing with him.

Some friends shouldn't be gaming friends. Not wanting him in your game doesn't make him less of a friend. If he wants to be a jerk about it and make it a 'friend issue', then maybe he's not such a great friend after all.

It sounds like he's better off playing Counterstrike with Wallhack running. He seems to have this rather immature urge to be the 'best' at the table, while totally failing to grasp that searching for 'ubercharger build' on Google and using it when playing amongst non min-maxxy players is just more than a little pathetic.