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    Alias: Many. Often uses the name Lix, 'Short for Elix!', despite the fact that that is only mildly more like a name. A smattering of other used names include Maya, Jessica and Lauren.
    Gender: Female, almost all of the time.
    Race/Species: Human, generally.
    Age: She tends to act like she's about seven, but generally looks like she's about seventeen. Her actual age is a question she refuses to answer. At all.
    Alignment: Tends towards chaotic or good, but not always, and not necessarily in combination. Detests Lawful Evil.
    Class/Profession: I guess you could call her an adventurer, the head of a small 'empire', or several other things, some of them very rude. She'd probably go with one of the rude ones.
    Power Rating: Emily's major ability is that she takes on several different forms-each with different abilities. Each one is around a B level, but this variety gives her significant adaptability. This probably boosts her to a low A rank, or low 7.
    Description: In her normal form, Emily has long, curly brown hair, partway down her back, and deep brown eyes. She tends to smile widely, and is rather pretty. In her hair are two bunches of bells, one on each side, that ring as she moves.
    She tends to wear a long, lilac dress, sometimes with a breastplate
    Personality: Most, although not all, of Emily's sub-personas share personality aspects. She tends to be bright, friendly, flirty, and easy. Despitye her cheerful demeanor, she is easily upset-and these depressed periods can last anywhere from a short few hours to several weeks, depending on the situation, the cause, and the company she keeps.
    Equipment: By some inexplicable phenomenon that no-one understands, when Emily changes the aspect of herself she is, her clothes and equipment change too. The only thing that she keeps completely constant is a pendant; a Latias. When asked about it; she generally changes the subject. If someone touches it, she glares at them hard enough to break bones. If someone were to try and take it... they would quickly regret it.
    Abilities: Emily herself is a mage of significant power. (Magic the Gathering mythos.) But her truest ability is that of the Realmswalker. (My creation.) This allows her extensive travelling capablities throughout the multiverse, to a greater extent than almost anything. A 'side effect' of these powers is the phenomenon of Realmaric doubles-beings in other realities who are their equivalent of another. Sometimes, doubles even exist in the same reality-and Emily has a very large amount of doubles.
    When a Realmswalker encounters a double, they both faint-and when the 'walker awakes, they learn their memories, abilities, and some of their personality. However, after a certain point, a being has enough doubles that they can't hold all their abilities in their head. At this point, they tend to shapeshift into just one of their persona at any given time. Some of her known persona include an immature Mephling called Maya (d&d), and a powerful katon-specialist shinobi called Emiri (Naruto).
    Seen only occasionally is a familiar of hers, named Vladimir. He has a fondness for vodka, speaks in a bad russian accent, and has a penchant for conjuration spells. For example: 'Summon Tank.'
    He is a sealion.
    Backstory: Emily herself has a rather simple, even dull background-she grew up in Dominaria (MtG), until she caught a terrible plague. She was healed by a powerful healer-a shinobi named Rin (Naruto). The healing spell had a side effect-it awakened the spark of the realmswalker, and the generally accepted thing to do was for Rin to teach the girl.
    Her drink problem became worse during this teaching, but Emily prospered-she had a skill at finding doubles that surpassed almost anyone Rin had met.
    Miscellaneous: There is a tendancy for doubles with strong emotional bonds, such as familiars or pokemon, for the Realmswalker who 'acquires' them to also gain a duplica of the familiar and/or pokemon.

    Maya, Mephling Sorceress: (d&d)
    Maya has long white hair, and bright blue eyes. She wields a sword of tremendous size, half as long again as her three foot plan. Insectile wings sprout from her back, and two tiny horns sprout from her forehead.
    Maya is highly childish, and adores flight.

    Emeria, Seeker of the Third Dawn: (Exalted)
    Emeria has a headband around her forehead, hiding the black symbol of the Dawn caste solars. She appears unarmed-but with ease can summon her oversized, long daiklaive, or a powerful essence cannon.
    She detests injustice, and has little self control-she breaks down if confronted with problems she can't control.
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