Gender: Female

Race: Human (Solar Exalted)

Age: 30, she says, but she only looks in her mid-twenties.

Class (or approximation): Zenith Caste Solar Exalted

Description: See image. Meidani has a wonderful personality, always trying to make people feel comfortable and safe, somthing she seems very good at doing.

Abilities: Meidani is a Solar Exalted, of the Zenith caste. This means she's good at interacting with people (especially inspiring them), and she also has some skill in martial arts. These skills are supplemented with semi-divine abilities.

Backstory: So far, all that is known is that she was kidnapped by slavers as a young baby, and the man she came to view as her father saved her and raised her. (More to come when I feel like writing it up)