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    Riace Bendetsan, Sidereal Lynx

    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, Lunar Exalted
    Age: 23 (Years)
    Place of Origin: Areel City, Greater Humaniformic Dome, Nettle
    Class or approximation: Expert, Sorcerer, or New Moon Lunar
    Power Level: B-?
    Description: Similar to picture. Shy, impulsive, otherwise reliable.
    Abilities: He can paint things, and fix certain kinds of machines. He can also change shape and has miscellaneous special powers, but...
    Backstory: Riace lived a normal life on a well-traveled planet in the process of being terraformed, excepting one trip to the racial homeworld in his youth, and nothing much exceptional happened to him. There was a brief involvement with piracy, and he took up a job as engineer aboard the cargo ship Radiant Kestrel.
    After an unfortunate encounter with the same, now vengeful pirates, the ship made a crash-landing into Nexus-space. Though heavily damaged, the ship was eventually repaired enough to allow his fellow survivors to return home, while, (excepting one trip), he elected to stay behind. Was involved in a relationship with Celia, his tutor's sister, but hasn't seen either of them in a long time, and so spends much of his time with his hobby of painting, and traveling the Nexus.
    The fact that the pirates have since tracked him down a second time, and in defeating them once and for all he received a Lunar Exaltation suffered a severe mental breakdown, has nothing to do with this. The greater part of him refuses to accept that this has happened, and he hides his animal features even from himself, maintaining that it was all a hallucination that has perhaps permanently damaged his mind. But he was trying to learn magic, and this has planted some doubt in him as to whether he is correct.
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