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    Leneal Russ

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 29
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Class/Profession: Sort of a Jack of all trades
    Power Rating: C+ or B-
    Description: 6'2", short, dark brown hair, scars on his right cheek and the back of his head, muscular, but not overly so. He usually wears a wide brimmed black hat, scarf; dark, heavy coat, and baggy brown pants.
    Equipment: He wears a belt with an ocarina strapped to one side, and a long knife strapped to the other. Has two short, wavy blades strapped upside down under his coat. He also has a portable, harp-like instrument that he sometimes carries in one of his sleeves. Many, many knives.
    Abilities: If Len concentrates, he can create projections of himself that can act independently of him for a small time, or he can create multiple projections that he can control with his thoughts. This requires a lot of concentration though, so he will start making mistakes if he uses too many in a fight. He is also quite skilled with his sword. Oh, and he can juggle.
    Backstory: Len comes from a little Town called Barthan, somewhere east of Trog's tavern. He doesn't remember much besides that, because he was knocked on the head in a fight shortly after leaving his home. More on Barthan to come later.
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