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    Alias: None.
    Gender: Female.
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 24
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
    Class/Profession: Witch.
    Power Rating: C to C+. 5 to 6
    Description: A mid-height woman, wears black leather clothes and a pointed hat. Her hair is long, red, and beautiful, her skin pale and smooth. Her features are soft and tender, but she has a sort of mischeivious, evil expression. Red eyes, not demon-like, they don't glow, but their color is red.
    Personality: Not a bad personality, she's quite likeable, but you'd do well not to cross her, as she can become rather harsh. She has no sense of guilt for any of her actions and is sure she is right. Think Cell Block Tango ("He had it coming...").
    Equipment: Leather clothes, pointed witch's hat, whip.
    Abilities: VERY proficient in magic. Can use elemental spells as well as Dark Magic. Classical Spells such as transfiguration, enchantments, and potion making are quite her specialty. But most importantly: She is very intelligent.
    Backstory: Used to work for an Evil Genius in an island he owned. He also dated her. One day, he decided to break up with her. So she blew up the island. With him on it.
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