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    E.R.G.O. Mrk. IV

    Alias: Extradimensional Reconnaissance and Gatherer Operative. Or just Ergo.

    Gender: Semi-organic automaton. Voice can be male or female. For convenience, he will be described here as male.

    Race/Species: Semi-organic automaton. Specifically, a very old one.

    Age: Has sat dormant for several hundred, or even thousands of years. Was activated approximately twelve years, four months, twenty five days, eight hours and fourteen-point-two seconds prior to the completion of this character sheet.

    Alignment: Technically neutral. Might be guided either way, depending. Some of the acts he performs for experiments and sample-gathering, however... They're less than ethical.

    Class/Profession: Terminator (as in a dangerous robit)/Scientist/Bio-geneticist

    Power Rating: C-B. Essentially, he's somewhat scalable. Though he may sometimes use very disabling attacks for the capture and study of humanoid specimens.

    Description: Somewhere between six and eight feet in height, a robot-looking thing in plated armor stands before you. His armor's color appears to be grey and red, a very flashy tone. This can change to camouflage on a whim.

    He is bulky and intimidating in stature, most of his body except the joints encased in curving, locked-together body armor and hazardous environment protectants. His lower legs curve backwards, ending in three-toed, thick feet. These gleaming feet are almost clawlike, and they look capable of gutting a grown man. His hands, too, are three fingered with a single thumb.

    His head is a pulsing, semi-organic mass of nanomachines and odd tissue, covered in wires and odd bits of technology. Well, on the inside. On the outside, it's a rounded, reddish helmet with almost no visible features. There are some slight depressions on the front and sides of the helmet, above where the mouth, nose and ears would be, to give it some character. It has a sunken, white-glass visor etched with flowing symbols and curving lines.

    Personality: Despite the fact that he's a robot, and is designed to stick to a sole purpose, Ergo was also designed for sentience. His personality has slowly developed in his time awake, and it has made some odd changes.

    First off, he despises good and evil. He finds that they're both wastes of time, and for real 'good' to occur, knowledge must be advanced. Good, in it's flaws, solves nothing in the long run. It preserves otherwise useless sentient beings, in some cases, out of belief that they're lives are worth something. He has found no reason to believe such a thing, so he tends to avoid it. However, mercy still exists in the robot's mind. And he prefers to avoid unecessary violence. Of course, this personality is subject to changes in character development.

    Still, knowledge is foremost in his goals. He believes the advancement of general knowledge should be put ahead of all other goals, for knowledge leads to the betterment of all things. In particular, he's currently trying to gain further understanding of divine and abyssal life forms and magics. It helps when you despise them both. Did I mention he believes Good and Evil, and their constant fighting, are holding back advancement of knowledge?

    Other than this, he's a generally cold, pragmatic creature. He prefers isolation to his regular jaunts out exploring the multiverse, but he realizes sitting and doing nothing won't advance knowledge. He's artistic, and is desperate to try and be creative. To leave something that's his in the multiverse. Though he enjoys gathering knowledge, he wants to leave some of his own behind when he finally shuts down. This is why he thinks so hard about morality and philosophy. He's not really sure of anything.

    But he's pretty damn close.

    Equipment: A variety of non-lethal weapons and experimental equipment. Exploratory vehicles (including space-vessels), a gigantic lab, and records. Lots of records. He keeps holo-books of every scrap of knowledge he can find, transferring information directly from his vast personal databases into his 'works'. His 'library' is very precious to him.

    He has all kinds of future tech. Short-term memory erasers, syringe guns, electrical weaponry, etc.

    And scanners, scanners, scanners. What scanners he doesn't have in his 'head' (he has two seperate 'brains'), he keeps in his lab. He can scan everything from the most minute magical levels to the precise type of matter that makes up eldritch horrors. He has tech scanners, mana scanners, psychic scanners, and so much more. Best of all, he has all kinds of extraction and capture devices to go with these scanners. He's very good at being prepared.

    This equipment, as he is a gatherer unit, is subject to little additions as things go on.


    -Superhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance. He is a robit. His focus is not in strength, however, so those characters who are designed for fighting can overpower him.
    -Genius-level, logical intellect. Vast knowledge on a variety of subjects, and a very pervasive knowledge at that. However, his data-banks have limits, so he can only keep certain knowledge on hand at certain times. For example, if you want him to be able to fly a specific model of fighter jet, he needs to go and get the records from his library.
    -Able to add a limited number of 'mods' to himself for specific missions. Some of his favorites include his syringe gun, a cloaking device, a code-cracker, a jetpack, a big stun-baton, and a syringe pack. The syringe pack holds a variety of solutions in easily loadable syringes. One might boil your blood in your veins. Another might be a massive muscle relaxant. Yet another might be a magic neutralizer. Of course, he keeps a limited supply of each.
    -There might be something I've missed. This is a new CS.

    Backstory: He is one of the last remnants of a lost civilization, something I won't elaborate on right now. I might never need to. Since he woke up over a decade ago, he's hunted across the universe for new knowledge.

    The Nexus has fountains of it.
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