Gender: Male
Age: 30 (He thinks... actually, 6 MONTHS)
Alignment: Lawful Evil Neutral
Profession: Assistant Librarian to Drifter in the Eternal Library
Power Rating: E- or 0
Description: Rusty Brown scales, red eyes, but wearing a set of clothes that were supposed to be for easy work... and looking like he's been though the Abyss.
Personality: Obedient to Drifter mainly, but if there is danger, you can expect him to be trying his best to run away from it, most likely with a half-dozen books Drifter saddled him with.
Equipment: Other than a set of clothes, all he has is a library card. Most of the time, though, he also has a book or two, due to the tasks Drifter needs him to do.
Abilities: A weak kobold... how weak? His story involves getting kicked out of his tribe due to being not strong enough to set a trap properly. His one advantage: running when not encombered with books.

Backstory: Created by the Lore Grimore in response to a child's wishes, he was left alone when the Grimore dismissed all the rest of the magic. (More later, after servers save)...