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    Paladin Academy: Part 42

    The air rushed past Viola's face as the three flew through the air. Viola was still quite amazed that Penny could lift both of them while flying. However, as she held onto Penny's arm, she was still extremely nervous. For they had been somewhat delayed on getting out of the ruins...


    Viola was stepping carefully between the rubble, when suddenly she heard a high pitched yell. Before she knew it, Penny was crawling on top of her, away from the floor.
    "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Eww, eww, eww!"

    Viola struggled with Penny for a moment, until she finally managed to free her head from her grasp.
    "What Penny! What is it?"

    Penny pointed to a small hole in the wall with a horrified look on her face. Viola and Kurama looked down to see a long bald tail disappear into it.
    "You mean the rats?"

    Penny responded while on top of Viola's back.
    "Yes! I hate rats! They're so gross and filthy!"

    Viola raised an eyebrow.
    "Didn't you see them coming in?"

    Penny shook her head.
    "No... I was too busy flying through here after you guys..."

    Viola rolled her eyes and continued to carry Penny across the rubble floor.


    Viola was brought back from this recollection by Kurama speaking to her.
    "Hey, did you hear me?"

    Viola looked up startled.
    "Huh? What?"

    Kurama looked slightly exasperated.
    "I said, what are we going to do when we get there?"

    Viola looked stern as he said this.
    "We are going to make Grim tell us where the beacon is."

    "And why would he do that?"
    Viola shook her head and gave him a look that meant 'I will find a way to make him tell us.'

    Before Kurama could respond, Penny's voice called out alarmed.

    The two looked down and Viola felt her insides freeze. Her immediate reaction was to look over at the sun. Just as she thought, it hadn't set all the way.
    "Why are they attacking early?"

    She looked back down at the giant red portal opening up in front of the fortress. Kurama responded after a moment's pause.
    "I think we really pissed off the Demon King..."

    Penny looked down at Viola.
    "What do we do?"

    Viola thought about it for a second.
    "We need to still get to Grim. They can hold off long enough until we can shut down the beacon."

    Penny nodded and continued to fly over the battlefield. Soon afterwards, they landed near one of the upper sections of the fortress. As soon as her feet hit the stone floor, she instantly breaks out into a run.
    "W-Wait! Viola!"
    She hears both Kurama and Penny start to chase after her as she runs down down the many corridors. After a little while, she comes to a stop in front of a door. Without hesitating, she opens it up and quickly rushes inside. Before her is a nearly empty room, save for another door and a small opening with a glowing blue outline to allow one to look through it. After a quick glance through the opening, Viola then goes over to the other door and enters in.

    She changes her demeanor instantly, making it seem more victorious and triumphant.
    "Hey Grim. How's it going?"
    Grim looks up. Shock is instantly etched on his face as he see's her.
    "What? Surprised to see me? Well I don't know why since I did what you wanted me to. The Demon King is dead. I cut him up into many different pieces."

    Grim shook his head in disbelief.
    "That's... imposs-"

    Kurama's voice called out to her just before Kurama and Penny quickly hurry into the room. Both of them are panting slightly and looking more worried.

    At the sight of them, Grim smiled with an all knowing look.
    "Nice try. But your little lie won't work. I'll still give you props for getting out of hell though."
    He leaned back in his chair, very relaxed.
    "So I take it you're here to find out where I put the beacon, right?"

    Viola resisted the urge to glare at Kurama and Penny and tried to keep up with the false triumphant attitude.
    "Yup. You caught me. I'm just trying to find out where the beacon is. But only because the demon's coming through are more of a nuisance than anything else. Without Mangosta, they're just attacking randomly with no coordination."

    Grim chuckled to himself a bit.
    "One bad lie after the other. No wonder lying is against the paladin code."
    He looks over at her, grinning.
    "First off, this attack would not even start without the Demon King's final approval. Secondly, according to my best guess, the sun hasn't completely set all the way, even though it will in a few minutes. The only way Mangosta would change his plans is when someone angers him quite a bit. And thirdly, even if you somehow managed to find out how to kill a Demon King, a feat that not even the angels or devils had figured out, the demons would quickly find a successor, so the attack would be approved then. And finally, all those demons have a common goal to achieve. They wouldn't attack in a chaotic mob just because their King is gone. So quite frankly, you're just wasting your time."
    He continued to smile his all knowing smile.

    Viola's face instantly dropped the false victorious expression and turned to a more dark, serious expression.
    "Where is the beacon, Grim?!"

    "I'm not telling you that."

    Viola slammed her palm down on the table in front of him.
    "I said where is it!"

    Grim looked down at Viola's hand with a bored expression.
    "Yes, well done. A fourteen year old girl threatening me? I don't know how I will hold out."

    Viola stopped herself from hitting him, instead just clenching her hand.
    "You know, Mangosta said he was going to kill everyone in this dimension. That includes you Grim."

    "So? Mangosta doesn't know that I can disrupt the beacon. I experimented with my power and found that I was really close to breaking the magic. I know for a fact that I will be the last one alive on this realm, and when that happens, I can end the magic right there. For now, I'm quite content for serving my purpose."

    This time, Viola really did hit him. Grim reacted to the blow instantly and clapped a hand to his cheek. Viola felt Kurama and Penny grabbing her and pulling her back away from him.
    "Viola what are you doing?"

    Viola was shaking with rage. The very memory of all that had happened fresh in her mind. Her eyes were glaring at Grim as he turned back to face her. Then she suddenly stopped resisting. It was only there for an instant, but she thought she saw a faint dark mist appear around the spot she hit Grim. Then she thought back to Mangosta. He had said the exact same line about Grim serving his purpose.

    She stopped resisting, and Kurama hesitantly let go of her.
    "So, you won't tell us where the beacon is?"

    Grim glared at her, but dropped his hand down slowly from his face.
    "Like I said, you're wasting your time."

    Viola slowly walked forward. Eyes locked with Grim. Her mind working on everything that had happened, putting all the pieces together.
    "Then that is a shame."

    Kurama took a nervous step towards Viola.
    "Viola, what are you going to do?"

    "Kurama, stay out of this."
    Her gaze never left Grim as she walked around the table.

    Grim looked up at her suspiciously.
    "What are you doing?"

    Viola's hand grasp the hilt of her sword.
    "Well, you're of no use to us then. Why should I give you the satisfaction on being the last human alive?"
    The long sound of a sword being drawn is echoed across the room.

    Everyone reacted instantly. Grim backed away from her into one of the corners. Kurama and Penny ran forward and grabbed her, holding her back.
    "Viola! Have you gone insane?!"

    "This is madness, Viola! Knock it off! We need to go find that bea- Arrrggghhh!!!"

    In one swift movement, Viola touched both Kurama and Penny with her hand. Both of them let go and fell back as the painful vibrations raced up their arms. Viola however continued forward on to Grim, pitiless eyes glaring down at him. He slid to the floor and held up his arm as if to shield himself.
    "What are you doing?!"

    "I'm going to end this right now. Just try and stop me."

    "Viola! Stop!"
    Kurama tried and failed to get to his feet, clenching his teeth at the pain which hadn't completely subsided. Penny looked almost close to tears.

    Viola ignored them both. She raised her sword above her head ready to strike. Grim's eyes were full of surprise and disbelief as he looked up at her. Then his eyes connected with her's, and his expression changed to a more serious nature.
    "You know...don't you?"

    Viola hesitated for a fraction of a second, then brought the sword down on top of Grim.
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