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    Crissellea Lachonues

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human, apparently
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Neutral good
    Class/Profession: Merchant Manager
    Power Rating: D-
    Description: She stands at about 5' 7". A young woman she could be considered very beautiful and has soft facial features and even softer looking clear blue eyes. Her brown hair falls down to her shoulders. Her skin is an almost sickly pale white and her entire frame seems like it is very fragile. Crissellea has lived most of her life inside being coddled by her parents because she was of such a sickly health. They have both passed on leaving her in charge of a very wealthy mercantile business with dozens of various branches. Her health overall has only improved slightly from her childhood.

    Backstory: As a child Crissellea was always sick. She was born sick in fact. The doctors back then said she wouldn't survive for a week, then once a week had passed they said she wouldn't last a month, then once a month and then a year they where simply astounded. In there minds no child that sick should have survived. Though this wasn't the end of doctors for her. She would regularly get colds and be in bed for a day or two recovering from it. Her parents cared for her perhaps a bit too much isolating her as a child and having so many doctors around. However on her healthy days as a child she would sometimes follower her dad around the house as he did work and she learned how to run the family business because she did this. Eventually her parents started to let her see various suitors for her hand in marriage when she was old enough. She hated all of them. What Crissellea really wanted was a knight in shining armor like she had read in the books while she was confined to bed because of sickness. Unfortunately as about the age of 19 both of her parents passed away, first her father then her mother, in about the space of a year. She has then been running the Lachonues Foundation and its subsidiaries ever since.
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