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*smacks self in the face*

of course. of course Grim's the beacon, Mangosta purposefully sent Grim ahead of him to both try and weaken the paladins AND hide the beacon, so that they would waste time trying to send people to search for it where Mangosta himself could put a trap for them and kill whatever paladins were sent, thus destroying the strongest ones since those would be the people you would send, and leaving them vulnerable, not realizing that the beacon is in the exact last place you would expect, right at home in your prison while you thought it was out there being heavily defended. Thus guaranteeing their destruction

Paladin academy's Mangosta is officially a magnificent bastard, or at least a chessmaster.
Hmm... But would Grim really be stupid enough to walz right into the middle of Paladin army knowing that his life was on the line if someone figured out the "beacon" thing?`I think there is something here that we are not seeing yet... But Mangosta is still a Magnificent Bastard

Maybe we would need to start TvTropes page for this story? It has certainly gone on long enough without one