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    Paladin Academy: Part 43

    A loud vibrating sound of metal on metal is heard. Kurama and Penny stare in disbelief as Grim is clutching his two handed sword, which had just materialized out of dark mist. Viola's face however had no surprise on it. Instead, the expression showed deep satisfaction.
    "Wh...What's going on?"

    Grim's eyes stared back into Viola's darkly. Then in one move, he pushed Viola's sword out of the way with his own and did his best to kick her in the stomach. Viola however shuffled backwards with the blow, avoiding most of it. Kurama and Penny shakily get to their feet.
    "What the heck?... How does Grim have his sword?"

    "Mordokai took his crystal away. He shouldn't be able to have his powers."

    Viola however watched as Grim coldly picks himself off the floor.
    "Isn't it obvious?"
    Grim finishes standing up, his hand on the wall. His eye's were still glaring directly into hers, which she returned back with an equal glare.
    "He never got his crystal taken from him."

    Kurama and Penny both looked at Grim in shock. Grim however smiled at Viola's words. He then took his hand off the wall and reached for the chest piece of his armor. His fingers grabbed a small portion of the armor and opened up a hidden container which no other paladin's armor had. He then extracted a pure black crystal. Unlike Viola's and Kurama's crystal, no light was shining out of it. Instead, light seemed to be sucked up from the crystal, causing the edges to distort and bend toward the crystal itself. Still grinning, Grim placed his crystal into the slot in his sword, causing the sword to surround itself into a solid black mist that took up the shape of the sword itself, forming an extra layer.
    "Pretty smart of you. Yup, the crystal Mordokai took was a fake. It took about 2 days for Mangosta to make that fake with magic."

    Viola continued to stare back at him.
    "But that's not all that he made with magic for you, is it?"

    Grim shook his head.
    He then closed his chest secret compartment and slammed his fist onto his armor.
    "Mangosta also recreated my old paladin armor that Blue made with this added compartment and the extra serrated edges."
    He then slowly drops his hand to his sword and proceeds to hold it out in front of him.
    "So? What gave it away that I had my crystal?"

    Viola continued to watch him.
    "When I saw the mist appear after I hit you, then I knew for sure. It was all a matter of putting the pieces together, as well as from personal experience."

    Grim raised an eyebrow.
    "Personal experience?"

    Viola hesitated.
    "I had my crystal taken away from me for a time when I was in Mangosta's hell. I now know you could not even have been able to talk if Mordokai really did take your crystal away."

    Grim's face filled with comprehension.
    "Ooooh... so you are the first one who knows what happens, huh? Since it has never happened before, I tried my best to act like what I thought would happen."

    Kurama's voice interrupts them.
    "Viola, what are we going to do now? How are we going to find the beacon?"

    Viola yelled out at him without turning her head.
    "Isn't it obvious?!"
    Kurama hesitated. Viola then pointed at Grim.
    "He is the beacon!"

    Kurama and stared at Grim with an even more shocked look.
    "Figuring out the whole thing, aren't we? Yes, I am the beacon. The plan was to weaken the paladins while at the same time plant myself for the demons to invade. The magic they require is currently circulating around this entire fortress, I can feel it. Only by killing me can you end the spell. However..."

    Grim lifted his sword and cut himself across the cheek.
    "The problem is, I can't die, can I?"
    Dark mist quickly formed over the cut and healed it up quickly.
    "So, what are you going now?"

    Viola however smiled at him.
    "Oh, you're not immortal Grim. For example, SHATTERING SHOCKWAVE!!"

    Viola suddenly swung her sword at Grim. A blast of sound erupted from the slash, shredding the air before it. Grim surrounded himself in a dense blanket of black mist before being pushed backwards. The force from her attack at close proximity caused the wall behind Grim to fail, having him fly through it. Viola staggered for a moment before hurrying forward. The Shattering Shockwave seemed to have restored Kurama's and Penny's senses, as she heard them chasing after her. They emerged into another room, which contained extra arms such as bows and arrows and spears. From the rubble, Grim picked himself up. Dark mist was dancing over him, healing his wounds.
    "I'm was ready for that this time. There's no way you're going to beat me again."

    Viola smiled as she held her sword in front of her. Kurama and Penny pulled their out as well.
    "Nonsense. All we have to do is cause you to use up all that darkness in your crystal. Then you won't have any left over to heal yourself and then we kill you."

    Grim suddenly started to laugh maniacally, causing Viola to falter.
    "Me?... Run out of darkness?..."
    He then formed a large portion of dark mist around his hand and threw it at the side wall. A dark clawed hand appeared and ran right through the wall. Viola then saw the outer balcony with the last traces of sunlight fading, submerging the fortress into darkness. Viola's insides froze when she saw it.
    "Why do you think I attacked during the day? I wanted to prove that I could kill Mordokai in his own environment. Now, my environment is establishing itself. Soon, I will have unlimited darkness to call upon. You can not win this by attrition Viola! I will kill you all, you hear me?!"
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