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    Woah, that was quite something. I knew Grim had the angles of the plan worked out before he tried it, but this... How do I think he's actually planning on betraying BOTH sides?

    Plus, now that night is coming he will have practically limitless powers at his disposal... Should be pretty hard to restrain him then. I bet he will go One Winged Angel on the paladins, or at least get a major power boost that will make him much, much harder to take down. This should be interesting

    Oh, and I just realized how hard it would be to totally kill him. Sure, you could kill him by somehow nullifying his abilities momentarily, but if you bury the body? it will just regenerate in the darkness of the grave. And even if someone would take his crystal away from the body and seal it away, there would always be a chance that he would be resurrected. Talk about Implacable Man.

    All that remains now is for him to reveal his own true masterplan and say something cheesy like "Now, behold my power!" and good villain is done
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