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    Appellation: The Nekkid Mage
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: I quit counting. The body never wrinkles.
    Alignment: Strongly Chaotic.
    Class/Profession: Blue mage, cleric, mad scientist, chocolatier, lieutenant, philosopher. . .
    Power Rating: Lives life at D; capable of B.
    Appearance, Physical: Human, female. Very short for a human, long brown hair in locks & brown eyes, changeable skin tone (think A Scanner Darkly changeability), normal build. Nekkid, blue headband.
    Appearance, Mystical: Pale blues in a lava-lamp swirl, silver cord to Minta and two other points. True name: No result. Pings Chaos strongly.
    Personality: Worlds-weary veteran, or blood junkie in withdrawal, or stiff-necked queen, or mad philosopher--I come here so little that it's like a new reincarnation every time, so find the phase I'm in from what I'm writing at the time.
    Equipment: The Lobotomy, a hand-and-a-half kludged flail made from crowbar, chain, and harrow-tooth dagger. An inexhaustible supply of chocolate. A blue headband.
    Abilities, Magical: Moderate ability with time/blue/technobabble magic. Possesses, but does not use, aura and truename magic. Can power vampire powers with an infusion of vampire blood, comparable to an oWoD revenant.
    Abilities, Physical: Fights with a flail and acrobatics. Poor at dodging but good at fighting through the pain.
    Backstory: She dug her way out of the nine hells but got damaged along the way. She became an archmage, raised an army--the world ended. She dug her way out of hell again. Armageddon, again. Again and again. Some things stuck; most things didn't.
    Miscellaneous: My RP tradition allowed for polychronic time, and this one doesn't. When I write a few paragraphs about past, present, and future actions at once, it's not godmodding but an attempt to meld my presence with actions that happened out of my waking hours. GMT time zone.
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