Minta Rose

Appellation: Neato Necro Gnomie Girl
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Gnom(i)e
Age: Seven and dropping. . .
Alignment: Strongly Chaotic, strongly Evil.
Class/Profession: Black mage, necromancer, tinkerer, explorer. . .
Power Rating: Lives life at C; capable of B.
Appearance, Physical: Gnomie, female. Knee-high to a human, indigo hair & eyes, pink-pale skin, slightly chunky build. Zombie-leather smock with many pockets.
Appearance, Mystical: Unhealthy colors, silver cord to Tzimfemme and two other points. True name: Maralinda. Pings Chaos strongly and Evil strongly. Soul has a "SALE AGREED" notice attached.
Personality: Cheerful, curious, superficially social, and amoral.
Equipment: More junk than anyone can possibly inventory. Just trust me on this one. If I sat down and listed all the cool trinkets of necromancy, tinkering, and girlhood she's accumulated, I'd be here until Christmas.
Abilities, Magical: Necromancy--you name it, she's done it. Also enjoys casting damage-over-time spells a la the EQ necromancer or WoW warlock.
Abilities, Physical: Tinkering everything that can be tinkered and several things which can't. Poor dagger fighter. Excellent ability to dodge & escape.
Backstory: Minta tangled with archmages including Tzimfemme, learned how to be one, and split rulership with Rosemary, a vampire. She bounced back from the nine hells despite writing a contract with the devil. After awhile she discovered guilds and the fun to be had in hanging around groups of (mostly) like-minded people.
Miscellaneous: Minta's an archetype of the Cheerful Death-Obsessed Little Girl, so as long as you dot the i's in "skellie" and "gnomie", you should be good to go in partially moving her. (Godmoding Minta is approved if compatible with her personality. If not I'll just retcon it.) GMT time zone.