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    Count me into one of these extended sigs. I'd have loved that the Compendium updated a bit more, but hey, the more I shamelessly self-promote the better, no?

    Blademaster - super-focused master of a single Martial Discipline.
    Dreadlord - spontaneous Necromancy specialist "profane" champion that slowly turns into a Death Knight. Or, "what would the Dread Necromancer be if it was forced into the Paladin chassis"
    Summoner* - a Conjuration/Transmutation spontaneous specialist who can summon up to nine beefed up creatures.
    *Note: intended for 3.5 only, hence original and not retooled.

    Bez-Kismet (Hexblade) - a warrior that defies fate, and alters probability through arcane magic and sheer willpower to do so.
    Healer - now with 150% more healing, 200% more buffing, 300% better healing and 500% more offensive abilities!* (*:Rough estimates)
    Marshal - toughened veteran with the extraordinary ability to make MEN out of wimps.
    Monk - the first in the Ki retooling series, this Monk is sure to give the old arts a run for their money! Now on its 2nd edition, with more options for the discerning builder. Also Monk Lite for those who want a less complex class.
    Ninja - the second in the Ki retooling series, this shadowy spy, assassin and overall badass is sure to shut up bright orange ninjas in their midst.
    Ranger - now with more stealth and tracking options, better combat styles and improved magic!
    Samurai - the third in the Ki retooling series; now with combat styles and sure-striking instant kill moves!
    Warlock - with improved invocation acquisition! Comes with free Channeler PrC.
    Warmage - now with 50% more firepower, 125% more battlefield control, 300% of damage potential, and less than 1% of the frustration of playing a blaster!
    Wyrmlord - an improvement to the Dragon Shaman that improves their auras of leadership and further emphasizes their draconic potential.
    Zealot - an extensive retooling of the Soulborn, using the divine champion chassis from Project Heretica in combination with the power of Incarnum.
    * (*:Rough estimates)

    Project Heretica - Paladins, Blackguards, Anarchs, Justiciars, champion-flavored PrCs, Avenger weapons, armor suits of Virtue, new spells for divine champions, and a discussion on the core concept of retoolings: chassis!

    Archetypes -- modifications to classes that form an entirely different playstyle
    Swashbuckler - a Rogue archetype that sacrifices skill prowess for improved combat prowess, using finesse and intellect rather than brute force.

    Subclasses -- 5th Edition content exclusively
    Oath of Martyrdom - a Sacred Oath for the 5e Paladin that re-introduces Damage Redirection and improves healing capabilities.
    Weapon Master - a Martial Archetype seeking to reimagine Weapon Specialization rules into 5e.
    College of Pied Pipers -a Bardic College inspired on the Pied Piper of Hamelin, with control over beasts and fascinating musical skill.
    Oath of the Shining Blade - a Sacred Oath for the 5e Paladin inspired on the Shining Blade of Heironeous 3e PrC.

    Prestige Classes
    Dragonfire Disciple and Dragonfire Theurge - Two prestige classes combining draconic invocations and arcane/divine magic! (Also available for Warlocks)

    Arcane Archer - one of the base PrCs from the Dungeon Master's Guide, now with improved arcane spellcasting ability.
    Arcane Fencer - one of the base PrCs from the Dungeon Master's Guide, now with actual class features. Comes in general or specialized flavor.
    Assassin - one of the base PrCs from the Dungeon Master's Guide, now with improved stealth capabilities and anti-spellcasting techniques.
    Bladesinger - the original Elven gish, now in a much more effective format! (Spells not included)
    Defender of Sealtiel - making justice to a class that should have been just as awesome as Fist of Raziel (hopefully, that is).
    Mystic Theurge - the original dual-caster, now with easier entry and optional level extension for real and effective dual-casting.
    Deity-specific PrCs - new and improved PrCs for Heironeous, Pelor, Ehlonna, Gruumsh, and others!
    Thespian of Many Roles - a retooling of the Master of Masks that uses method acting to boost the PrC to Chameleon-levels of jacking.

    Alternate Class Features
    ACFs for the Martial classes without Adeptness - providing options for old classes to enjoy the new features of the Tome of Battle without a need for dipping. (Note; use at your own risk)

    Feats for the Martial dabblers - felt that the feats in the Tome of Battle were not enough? No worries! Support for Incarnum, Psionics, Combat Form and Weapon Style feats included.

    Alternate Rules - a way to deal with the pesky rules problems of D&D in a clever and well thought format.
    Combat - deal with some of the issues in combat, including iterative attacks and special combat actions.
    Magic & spellcasting - work the rules of magic to reduce the power of some spells, turn others into invocations, and deal with the overall act of spellcasting.
    Magic items - a near-complete revision of magic items from the SRD. Includes new and interesting items.
    Dragonmarks as Bloodlines - take the Eberron Dragonmarks, and rework them using the Bloodline rules from Unearthed Arcana.

    Deities of the absurd and the awesome! - Hot Blood! Evil Lawyers! Tonberry gods of death! Beautiful assassins! Mechas! And more gods that hardly had a chance to appear.

    Hippozoology - monsters with a strong horse theme.

    Coming soon: More classes! More prestige classes! Feat retoolings! HAL System! More 5e content!
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